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Fashion Statements in Crochet

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Fashion Statements in Crochet

As long-time blog readers know, I love the nexus of fiber, art, and fashion, so for today’s blog post, I wanted to share the work of fiber artist Cielo Pessione, whose gorgeous crochet neck-pieces combine traditional fibers with unconventional materials like hematite beads and even hedgehog quills!

These sophisticated one-of-a-kind art pieces really emphasize just how versatile crochet can be.

Via 2Modern Design Talk.

Want to make your own crochet necklace? Check out two great patterns on — click on their titles to see them: Lace Necklace and Ruffle Necklace Scarf.

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  • I am loving it! I allready have ton’s ideas fro this necklace on the pic. I imagine it made with different fabrics and yarn. Love it!

  • The textile arts are not immediately thought of when the word “art” is said. Perhaps with more decorative arts in the form of couture then that impression will change. I really like the idea of semi precious stones being integrated into design.

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