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  • Fashion Preview: 7 Designs you Need this Fall

    fall fashion

    Fall is an exciting time for knitters and crocheters. As the Summer winds down we find ourselves eagerly looking forward to the cooling temperature. With it comes the possibility for wearing our favorite designs and getting set to curl up with new ones.

    Like Spring, Fall is a season of layering. Pieces that can be thrown on over a simple shirt or dress make planning the day's wardrobe easier. Chunky sweaters, like the Alpine pullover (#2 below), can serve as outerwear instead of a bulky jacket. Yes, these types of days let your favorite knit and crochet pieces shine.

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  • Denim on Denim: Rock the Trend with Jeans® Yarn

    jeans yarn

    Denim on denim! 

    Denim has come a long way since it was developed as tough material for working clothes. Since then it has become firmly embedded as a fashion staple in our wardrobes. Gone are the days of denim being used exclusively for mens pants or overalls. Now we see the fabric appear as shirts, jackets, hats, bags, and even shoes. Denim styles are constantly evolving and updating with new fits, feels, and colors.

    Denim on Denim

    We pair denim with sturdy corduroy, soft furs, and delicate lace to create an array of aesthetics from rugged through softly feminine. So then how about pairing denim with denim? Does doubling denim make it twice as fun or a terrible mistake? Fashion faux pas or fashion trend? Turning our eyes on our favorite celebrities and trend sites would indicate that not only can it be done, it's right on the mark for 2017! The make or break is all in how it's done, and more importantly, how you feel wearing it.

    According to InStyle, the key to double denim is balancing your look by making sure it's broken up with texture (embellishments), different shades, and patterns.

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  • Big Knit Love Book Giveaway

    Who's ready for a Big Knit Love Giveaway?  Big Knit Love is a wonderful new book by Linda Zemba Burhance containing 20 chunky knit fashions.  Who doesn’t love chunky knits?   We were honored to have our yarns featured in here and were lucky enough to receive an extra book to share with one lucky winner!


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