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  • 3 Tips for Yarn Substitution

    Do you ever seen an amazing pattern and think, "Wow, I love that, but I wish it were made in a different yarn"? Substituting a different yarn is an easy way to make a pattern truly unique. There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a different yarn. Let's use the Inishturk Sweater as an example to illustrate each of these tips.

    1. Check your gauge. You'll get the best results when you substitute a yarn with the same or similar gauge. But what if you're browsing yarn in a store? You can't just pull out your hooks and needles and do a gauge swatch without buying the yarn! In this case, look for a yarn within the same weight category, and then gauge swatch after your purchase. In our example, the Inishturk Sweater is knit in Fishermen's Wool, which is a worsted weight yarn, so you could consider substitution yarns like Amazing, Vanna's Choice, Cotton-Ease, and more. If you really want to use a yarn with a different gauge, you'll need to do some math. Click here for a blog post all about substituting different yarn weights.

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  • FAQ: Selling Items Made with LB Patterns

    Many people have asked us if they can sell items made with our patterns. The short answer is most of the time. You have permission to sell any finished item you make using a Lion Brand copyrighted pattern. So, for example, you could crochet and sell a completed Fast and Easy Cowl.

    When you sell an item from one of our patterns, there are two rules. First, you cannot sell or give away our patterns; if you want to share our patterns with others, you should either use the "Email" function on our patterns or direct your friends to LionBrand.com. Second, you cannot reproduce our photographs, as they are copyrighted. Remember, your own photography will be the most accurate depiction of what you're selling; after all, your customer is buying your handmade goods, not ours!

    While the vast majority of patterns on our site are owned by Lion Brand, select patterns are sampled with permission from books, designers, etc. If the caption under the photo of the pattern indicates that the pattern is reproduced with permission, please contact the original copyright holder to find out their policies. Click here to view some of the patterns that are reproduced with permission. We also carry a selection of physical patterns from other designers; again, please respect their copyright and policies.

    Of course, if you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact us! Click here to get in touch with your questions.

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  • Your Questions Answered

    Last week, we asked our Facebook fans to finish the following sentence: "I wish Lion Brand would..." We received an amazing amount of feedback. While we cannot give everyone a free lifetime supply of yarn, we wanted to address some of your requests.

    Q: Why can't I find your yarn in my local store?
    A: We would love it if your store carried all of our yarns! However, we currently carry over 800 yarn colors, which is too much for any one store. Each store or craft chain selects the Lion Brand yarns it wishes to carry. If you can't find the yarn or color that you want, the best thing to do is contact the store or chain directly to request the yarn. You can talk to a manager, send the company an email, call the company, or post on the their Facebook page. When you tell the store what yarn you'd like to see, they're more likely to stock it. Of course, if you still can't find what you want, you can order all of our yarns at LionBrand.com.

    Q: Why don't you open a store in my town?
    A: We sincerely appreciate the outpouring of requests for new stores. Since we opened in 1878, Lion Brand Yarn has been a part of New York City. That's why we opened the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, our retail store and education center, in our hometown. Right now we're just focusing on making the Studio the best it can be, so we're not looking to open new retail stores at this time. In the meantime, we hope you're able to come visit us in New York.

    Q: Why did you discontinue my favorite yarn? Do you have plans to bring it back?
    A: We don't take lightly the decision to discontinue a yarn, as we know that each and every yarn is special to people. However, we do have to discontinue some yarns and colors in order to offer new items. Based upon your feedback, we are now including the following note on yarns that are discontinued but still for sale: "Please note that out-of-stock colors of this yarn will not be replenished, as this line is being phased out and no longer in production."

    Q: Where do you ship internationally?
    A: Click here to view a list of countries to which we ship.

    Q: Why don't you carry the LB Collection in stores?
    A: The LB Collection is specially made in small batches, so it's exclusively available through LionBrand.com, our catalog, and the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. We invite you to experience the yarns by visiting our New York City store, stopping by our booths at trade shows, or ordering color cards here.

    We hope that this answers some of your questions! Of course, we invite you to reach out to us with your questions. You can find out how to get help from Lion Brand by clicking here. Also, be sure to visit our FAQ here for answers to some of our most received questions.

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