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FAQ: Selling Items Made with LB Patterns

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FAQ: Selling Items Made with LB Patterns

Many people have asked us if they can sell items made with our patterns. The short answer is most of the time. You have permission to sell any finished item you make using a Lion Brand copyrighted pattern. So, for example, you could crochet and sell a completed Fast and Easy Cowl.

When you sell an item from one of our patterns, there are two rules. First, you cannot sell or give away our patterns; if you want to share our patterns with others, you should either use the “Email” function on our patterns or direct your friends to Second, you cannot reproduce our photographs, as they are copyrighted. Remember, your own photography will be the most accurate depiction of what you’re selling; after all, your customer is buying your handmade goods, not ours!

While the vast majority of patterns on our site are owned by Lion Brand, select patterns are sampled with permission from books, designers, etc. If the caption under the photo of the pattern indicates that the pattern is reproduced with permission, please contact the original copyright holder to find out their policies. Click here to view some of the patterns that are reproduced with permission. We also carry a selection of physical patterns from other designers; again, please respect their copyright and policies.

Of course, if you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Click here to get in touch with your questions.

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  • Thanks for posting this info. I’ve thought about selling some things but didn’t know any criteria. I really appreciate your patterns & love the yarn so I would hate to lose out on the free availability!

  • This is GREAT to know! I’ve been wondering the same thing and hope to start a small online business.

  • This is GREAT to know! I’ve been wondering the same thing and hope to start a small online business.

  • YAY! This makes me love Lion Brand even more…I mostly use your patterns (your website is so easy and convenient for me), and it’s so nice that I know for sure now that I can sell some of the things that I’ve made from here. 😀 Motivates me to knit/crochet even more! ^___^

  • Thanks for posting this. I was thinking of selling my crochet amigurumi creatures made from your pattens at tourist shops this summer.

  • It’s like you guys were reading my mind…this is good to know…thanks so much!

  • Lion Brand ROCKS – Thank you so much – the beautiful patterns you offer are so appreciated, and I LOVE your yarns 🙂

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    Kind, wonderful Lion Brand friends you have made my day by spelling out what you will and won’t allow!

  • LionBrand has been MY BEST FRIEND,through thick and thin,they’re always there.What a comfort it is when your needing something new in a pattern or a yarn,or just want to browse their wonderful forum or listen to the podcasts.

  • The short answer is “yes”. No matter what licenses or restrictions a designer may TRY to place on their patterns, you can ALWAYS sell the items you make. Always. Always. Always. While the patterns and photographs are protected under copyright law, the items MADE FROM the patterns are the property of the creator, are not copyrightable, and are considered “useful items” under the law. You can do whatever the hell you want with it, even if Lionbrand said otherwise. Here is the relevant legal info:

  • Thank you, Silverbow. This is the most useful information I have ever seen.

  • Thanks for this blog post. It was very informative and I have been wondering about certain ways of selling my own hand-made things from other people’s patterns…

  • Knit Purl Gurl sent me!

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