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FAQ: Dye Lot Dilemmas

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FAQ: Dye Lot Dilemmas

Q: I ran out of yarn and the store where I purchased it no longer has the same dye lot. If I have to purchase more in a different dye lot, how do I make the color change less noticeable?

A: If you have run out of yarn, try taking a small sample (such as a swatch or a clipping) with you when purchasing additional yarn. Select the yarn that best matches your original yarn. Remember that colors can look very different depending on lighting, so try to view the yarn in both natural and artificial light if possible. Once you have a sufficient amount of yarn, alternate between the different dye lots every two rows. This will make any color change less noticeable.

Remember that the best way to avoid a dye lot dilemma is to check dye lots at the time of purchase and to buy enough for your project AND any samples or gauge swatches that you might want to make before starting. Once you have purchased your yarn, it can be very difficult for the store to go back and match dye lots for you. Please note that is unable to match dye lots from prior purchases.

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  • Hi. I heard Jack annouce a new yarn software for Iphones and blackberry phones at NYC crochet guild meeting last week. I would like to know is when lionbrand is coming up with a software for tmobile phones like the I have G1 Android phones? Your the 2nd company that brought out something for Iphone users and blackberry phone users. Not everyone have these phones. G1 works as good as any of these phones and its easy to start an android app. Is lionbrand considering to start an software for Android users?

    Thank you for answering my question.

    Jess Says: Hi, Bernadette. We have a mobile website that works great on Androids and has all of the functionality of the iPhone app. Simply log on to through your mobile web browser. I hope you enjoy it.

    Also, please note that comments left on the blog should relate directly to the topics on which they are posted. Please e-mail us at for questions about products, patterns, and general information.

  • Any tips or suggestions on knitting items for men? for example: how can I take a great cowl pattern that is made from a more “feminine” type yarn and substitute a more “masculine” one for it? how do I figure a new gauge if I still want the same measurements in the finished item? My husband and boys are kind of picky about scarves but like the idea of a cowl or one of those short scarves with a hole in one end that you pull the opposite end through to pull it snug around your neck. It’s not too early to think about Father’s day too! Thanks for your great podcast-I love it!

    Jess Says: It all depends on personal preference. In general, the color and the texture of the yarn will make a project more “masculine”. If the item is unisex, make sure that it is the correct size and make any adjustments as needed. Click here to read Laura’s blog post on gauge and substituting yarns.

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  • but you know, sometimes yarns can be the same dyelots and still have color matching issues … in college I was making a lavender colored shawl and found I was a skein shy, so I went back to the shop to get some more — same manufacturer, same yarn, same color, smae dyelot … but when it was finished, you could tell where the new skein was added on – one skein was definately more blue than the other. I’ve also seen socks on ravelry where one sock is darker than the other even though the dyelots/colors were the same.

    Jess Says: Great point, Ginger! Dye lots are not a 100% guarantee of matching color for a variety of reasons, including placement in the dye, the way the yarn is spun, and more. However, it is still the best way to try to match your yarn.

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