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Fall Trends & Halloween Crafting on YarnCraft

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Fall Trends & Halloween Crafting on YarnCraft

In the most recent two episodes of YarnCraft — our half-hour audio-podcast — my co-host Liz and I embrace the fall season and the upcoming holiday of Halloween, sharing inspiration and ideas for knitting, crocheting, and crafting with yarn! Join us for laughs, learning, and great yarn talk.

Zen CoatHot Colors & 5 Top Trends for Flattering Fall Fashions

In episode #25, we focus on taking trends from the runway and turning them into great garments and projects for your everyday life. We also take some of these same styles and influences and show you how to work them into your home decorating. Listen now for more than 15 pattern recommendations — from looks that fit and flatter to great home accessories.

In our regular segment, “Stash This–Ideas for Your Crafting Life,” we share tips on substituting yarn in patterns to get a look that’s all your own. Click here to listen [MP3].

Spookifying Your Home with Your Whole Family!

We get spooky (okay, mostly just kooky) in episode #26 of YarnCraft, sharing creative and quirky tips for decorating your home, entertaining your guests, and getting into the Halloween spirit.

In this episode’s “Stash This” segment, we talk about kid-friendly projects that are great for school Halloween parties. They’re great even as group rojects for adults who are just children at heart! Click here to listen to this episode [MP3].

Liked the episodes above? Want to find the patterns discussed? For more information about either of these great episodes, or to learn more about subscribing to YarnCraft, visit the YarnCraft blog!

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