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Fall Fashion Trends

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Fall Fashion Trends

Fall fashions are finally here, and I couldn’t be more excited! Here are four trends that are popular this year.
Nothing says cooler weather quite like tweed. The flecks of color and texture in tweed yarns add a sophistication to even the simplest of stitches. Try a matching tweed hat and scarf set for a fast and easy way to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. Pictured: Alpine Wool in Barley, stockinette stitch with garter stitch border.
Military colors add an edge to any outfit. This trend is particularly popular with garments like sweaters and jackets. Consider shades like olive, navy, and khaki. Pictured: Superwash Merino Cashmere in Olive, cruller cable with garter stitch border.
Wispy textures add a whimsical accent to fall accessories. Use yarns with mohair, alpaca, or angora to achieve a beautiful ethereal halo. Try this trend with a lightweight cowl or scarf. Pictured: LB Collection Silk Mohair in Azure, reversible mesh stitch.
Neutral shades are popular for their elegant simplicity. This trend is incredibly versatile, so it’s perfect for everything from sweaters to accessories. For a modern accent, add a pop of color or sparkle to your neutral outfit. Pictured: Fishermen’s Wool in Oatmeal held together with Vanna’s Glamour in Topaz, double crochet.

What’s your favorite fashion trend for the fall? Do you plan to incorporate these trends into your knitting and crocheting?

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  • Hey Lion Brand,

    Thanks so much for using crochet for two of the swatches above! Those of us who love the hook do appreciate it!

  • I love mixing it all up- color, texture, and types of yarn.

  • I just finished a crocheted short jacket in camouflage colored wool done in fairly open shell and V stitches for contrast. I am planning to wear it as dressy casual and thought the lacy-camo would be interesting.

  • Hmmmm. How can we mix it all up? A neutral khaki-tweed jacket with military epaulets and flouncy mohair lace cuffs?! He, he.

    Seriously, though. I love the tweed and the wispies. Maybe the former for other folks’ items and the latter for me.

  • Tweed for me, please!

  • Not my favorite colors…..yuck.
    The only one I can live with is the tweed.

  • Most of these colors are far too drab. And neutral colors strike me as fine for a sweater that needs to go with everything, but accents are supposed to stand out. I think I’ll be sticking with reds, burgundies, and purples. But I must say, the Silk Mohair does look like it would feel pleasant on the skin!

  • YUCK. The tweed just looks like dirty yarn, the neutrals make me snore. Military? Please. It’s still just plain, ol’ boring navy, tan, *yawn* burgundy and avocado. I’ll cozy up with the deep, dark, luscious plums, purples, clarets, russets, espressos, etc. Maybe same ol’, but at least they have soul and depth and a richness neutrals will never have.

  • I can see all the yarns in different projects. The tweed would make a nice multi-purpose jacket. The military with a splash of plum or a medium pink would make a beautiful afghan or throw. The texture of the mohair would be a pretty capulet or lacy fingerless gloves. The neutral would be a pretty purse with a black or burgundy accent flower.

  • I can see cute hats (a favorite project to crochet) in the new tweedy yarns. I like the idea of adding a little sparkle to the tweed for a feminine touch! A nice olive colored bag with military-style hardware would be cool. LB has the best olive color. My favorites for fall are the rich jewel tones of purple, berry and cherry to perk up the coming cooler weather. You’ll see lots of berries and reds in the hats and scarves I’ll be making. Thanks LB for the great ideas!

  • It’s amazing to me to see how different the reversible mesh stitch looks in a laceweight mohair than what the link is (in worsted?). Neat.

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  • One fashion trend you didn’t mention that I’ve seen a lot of are sweater jackets and cowls made with ginormously chunky yarns. I think holding two or three strands of the tweed together would work great to get a similar look.

    Zontee says: Good point, Lara. We do have a ton of patterns for both of those concepts in the Pattern Finder, so don’t forget to go to to find ideas.

  • Drab is right! We need color in the dead of winter. A brownish tweed sweater jacket would be nice. The military swatch looks like the 70’s avocadonever a favorite color with me. Give me color.

  • I never have liked drab colors. Especially olive. Had to make to much of it in the factory. I like the bright colors for Fall and Winter.

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  • The colors are way too blah for me. I want to wear something in a color that makes me feel good and looks good on me. If I wore the colors in the samples I would fade out. I want purple, turquoise, and blues that co-ordinate with my coloring. Also, I am very short and anything made in a very bulky yarn (other than a purse or scarf) would make me look like the Pillsbury Dough Boy! I’ll be an original and not follow the trends!

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