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All Eyes on the Eye Trend: Craft It Yourself with London

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All Eyes on the Eye Trend: Craft It Yourself with London

One fun trend peeking out everywhere for spring is the eye trend. Traditionally used as a protective talisman, these big peepers are also popular just as bright, fun images to appliqué anywhere. If you’re curious about crafting one for yourself, check out London Kaye’s new Theme Kit – the London Eye! She’ll have you crafting your own eye in no time.

Craft the Eye Trend

Eye Trend

London with the London Eye

Seeing the Eye Trend Everywhere

If you visit Eastern markets, you’ll see these symbols – called nazar – everywhere. Like many image from around the world, they make their way into our sensibility through high fashion. In this case, Alexander McQueen popularized this eye in jewelry and hair pieces. In the last year or two, the eye trend has made it onto the runway and into designer stores, especially for accessories.

While you might be seeing eyes in every color, the traditional hue is blue. And the trend isn’t limited to stylish accessories! The eye is making its way into décor for the home, a sure sign that a trend is here to stay. From vases to trays, wall art to throw pillows, you’ll be seeing this trend even from big box retailers soon.

London Eye

London has brought this trend to a new level of fun and accessibility with her London Eye Theme Pack. Her theme packs are perfect for a quick project, and would also make a fabulous gift for any trendy crafter you know.

Eye Trend


To crochet the eye trend, pick up one of London’s Theme Packs! The London Eye Theme Pack ($10.99) will have you crafting London’s iconic eye in three sizes. The largest eye is perfect for yarnbombing – either outdoors, or as décor in your home. For the medium eye, you could appliqué it on a pillow! Copy London, and craft the smallest eye onto the back of a classic jean jacket.

You’ll also want to grab a set of her crochet hooks, which can be found here. London’s hook set is your best bet, as the projects will require one of each of the three sizes of hooks.

The Theme Pack comes with all London Kaye’s 100% Acrylic yarn, LKYC Yarn. One ball each of all the colors you’ll need: Moody Blue, True Blue, Baby Blues, Asphalt, and Snowflake.


Check out this video to craft an eye with London!

We hope you’re feeling inspired to craft this eye trend! Be sure to #LionBrand for any photos you share. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for your projects!


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