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Extra Super-Duper Bulky-Weight Yarn

Knit up a sofa in a couple of hours!  I wonder what size knitting needles were used?

Thanks to Jane for pointing out this fun example of knitted art.

Via BoingBoing.

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  • Betsy

    I wish I could buy some! It would make a great carpet!

  • lavon

    This is amazing. My first reaction was. "is that for real?!"

    Can you imagine your crochet a potholder and instead it great for laying on while watching a movie!

  • Mary

    What kind of yarn is this? I've never seen anythng this large? Is it available for sale or was it made by the artist? It's great!

  • Harriett

    I love that idea. Where can you find yarn like that?

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  • MaBones

    I found these sites on extreme yarn knitting:
    Not exactly like the pic above, but just for ideas.

    Let your imagination rule!

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