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Express Yourself with Sock-Ease

My absolute favorite knitting project is socks. While I do enjoy solid socks, I really love combining colors with stripes and Fair Isle. When the new colors of Sock-Ease arrived, I decided to test out a few color combinations by knitting up some miniature socks!
From left to right: Cotton Candy with Lemon Drop, Lemon Drop with Green Apple, Green Apple with Marshmallow, Taffy with Snow Cone

As you can see, I got some fun results by mixing stripes with stripes, stripes with solids, and solids with solids. My first two combinations were bold and exciting, while the second two were more classic. Once I was finished making these tiny socks, I decided to give them to a worthy recipient: Archibald the Octopus, who I blogged about last year!
Archibald with socks

What are your favorite Sock-Ease color combinations? Let me know in the comments so that I can knit Archibald 4 more socks!

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  • Super cute. I love the way the Rock Candy and the Lemon Drop work together. I hope this means we’ll get to see some fair-isle patterns using these yarns in the future.

  • What about circus peanut and sour ball? I have only seen them on the computer, would they work together?
    What is your favorite sock pattern?
    thanks, the socks are super cute!

  • Just another quick question…do you have a tutorial on how to knit the socks in a fair isle style? I am not an experienced knitter, but love to learn new techniques, googled it to see what it was and thought perhaps you knew of an excellent tutorial on it.
    thanks so much.

    Jess Says: Hi, Marcia. I do think that the Circus Peanut and Sour Ball would work nicely together. It’s fun to take the color of a small stripe (like the orange in the Sour Ball) and use it as the heel and toe, such as with the Circus Peanut. As for my favorite sock pattern, I like to use the Basic Socks pattern and experience with different cable and laces patterns on the cuff. As long as you start with a great basic pattern, you can customize it an infinite number of wonderful ways!

    As for the Fair Isle tutorial, we don’t have one on our website, but here is a nice tutorial from Knitting Daily. I hope that helps!

  • I actually think that the green apple and cotton candy would go together. I like the color combination you already have, they work up well.

  • Very cute! I think the idea of putting the socks on the octopus was perfect. 😀

    I am a sock addict.. I started collecting socks when I was eleven and was thrilled to learn how to crochet them years later so I could make my own. (I’m somewhat inept at knitting, though.)

    I love Lion Brand yarn, and my very first completed project was done with Wool-ease years ago. I’m bummed that Sock-ease is finished with aloe, though. Since, well, I’m allergic to aloe.

    Zontee says: Hi Jessica, don’t forget to check out our LB 1878 yarn as an alternative then. It comes in cones of over 2,000 yards of fingering weight 100% wool–that’s a lot of socks you could make!

  • Thank u thank u! Didn’t know can bring on so much fun of socks. I love to knit,socks is my fav but here in singapore weather too hot to wear it on. I knitted about 10pairs for my youngest daughter.eversince then,a year back, no socks to knit for…now,I will try your fun method ! Yes !

  • How’d you make those little socks, do you have a pattern? They would make cute bootees.

    Jess Says: Hi, Teresa. I slightly modified the Knit Child’s Solid Socks pattern, which I linked to in the original post.

  • thanks Jess so much for the help with my questions. Once I am finished the crochet along that I started two years ago, I look forward to trying some socks.

    Jessica, what is your crocheting pattern? Or where did you find it? Thanks so much.

    Jess Says: Try our Cozy Crochet Socks pattern, Marcia.

  • I too would like to know Jessica’s crochet sock pattern. I’m always looking for a “real” sock pattern, something I can wear with my tennis shoes. Since learning to crochet socks, it is taking up all my time. Love these new yarns and can’t wait to grap one up to try it.

    Jess Says: Our Cozy Crochet Socks pattern works up great with all of the different shades of Sock-Ease. I hope you like it!

  • What else can one knit with sock ease? I have four skeins that I am not going to use for socks. Any ideas?

    Jess Says: Great question, Merrie. Sock-Ease really is a versatile yarn; we’ve used it to make hats, fingerless gloves, leg warmers, scarves, and more. Click here to check out all of our knit patterns in the same yarn weight class as Sock-Ease. You can also try holding it together with another yarn to make a colorful accent to any project. I hope that helps!

  • Merrie, I dont know if you crochet as well but I saw in a crochet magazine they made doilys out of sock yarn, they were three per set and so far Ive made three sets. Its so fun to see how the colors work out with the crochet, so diffrent from the knit. Fun!

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