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Express Yourself with Sock-Ease

My absolute favorite knitting project is socks. While I do enjoy solid socks, I really love combining colors with stripes and Fair Isle. When the new colors of Sock-Ease arrived, I decided to test out a few color combinations by knitting up some miniature socks!
From left to right: Cotton Candy with Lemon Drop, Lemon Drop with Green Apple, Green Apple with Marshmallow, Taffy with Snow Cone

As you can see, I got some fun results by mixing stripes with stripes, stripes with solids, and solids with solids. My first two combinations were bold and exciting, while the second two were more classic. Once I was finished making these tiny socks, I decided to give them to a worthy recipient: Archibald the Octopus, who I blogged about last year!
Archibald with socks

What are your favorite Sock-Ease color combinations? Let me know in the comments so that I can knit Archibald 4 more socks!

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