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Experimenting with Yarn Weights: Turn a Washcloth into a Bathmat!

Ever wonder what a project would look like with a different weight yarn than what the pattern calls for? Home decor items are great for experimentation since you don't have to worry about fit.

Jen, one of our staffers at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, adapted our Cream Circle Washcloth pattern to create a bathmat. The original pattern used Cotton-Ease® (a worsted weight yarn) and a size H crochet hook to produce a washcloth that measured 5" in diameter. But after seeing our new Zpagetti (a super bulky weight yarn) hit the shelves, she had to try it.  Simply by using this yarn in conjunction with a larger hook (size Q) She was able to create an adorable bathmat.

Jen followed the pattern almost exactly (only substituting single crochets for slip stitches in the final row) and used two cones of Zpagetti yarn. Once you become comfortable with substituting yarns of different weights you might want to try it on garments as well. I suggest you start by reading our 5 Articles to Help You Make a Sweater That Fits & Flatters article.


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  • karaokeprincezz

    How long did it take to create?

  • http://profiles.google.com/wzrdreams Grace Jones

    That is awesome. When I tried this yarn I ended up making a bowl, but I think the bathmat is a terrific idea.

  • http://www.bindu.ca/ Bindhurani

    The bathmat looks great. Just wondering how to care for it. Will it stink when gets wet in the bathroom?

  • melodie

    How would you use fun fur? can you help me?

  • melodie

    wear would our Yarns?

  • melodie

    i just fond the our yarn page see i am new hear HAHAHAHA!

  • melodie

    i fond the our yarn page see i am new hear HAHAHAHA!

  • madwhimsy

    This is how I began crocheting, adapting large-scale motifs and patterns for use with crochet thread to make much smaller things, such as jewelry. It was a year later before I began using patterns "as is!"

  • melodie

    I do not know what is a pattern or how to use a pattern. I do not even know how to sew with a pattern. well i do not know how to read a pattern,

  • melodie

    can someone help me with a pattern?

  • Kjky

    Can you purchase cones of this yarn on the website?

  • melodie

    Hey Zontee. I am making a shawl for my grate aunt she likes blue. she would like me to make her something for her can I get homespun yarn In blue? I need to no soon so I can get it in the mail