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  • Wings on the Skyline

    Wings on the Skyline was Lion Brand's latest collaboration with London Kaye which happened on August 4th, at The William Vale.  London created two sets of magnificent butterfly wings that overlooked the Hudson River.

    Guests were encouraged to express themselves and take pictures against the wings.  It was encouraged that guests upload their pictures on Instagram with the #myyarnwings for a chance to win a beautiful hand-made butterfly bag by London Kaye.

    A huge thank you to London for making such incredible art work, The William Vale for hosting this, and most importantly to all of the guests for making The Wings of the Skyline such a great event.


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  • London Kaye Cultivates Creativity at the Amazeum

    Last weekend, crochet artist London Kaye took part in TinkerFest at the Amazeum in Arkansas.

    While she was there, she took over the Lion Brand Snapchat account, sharing pictures as she taught the art of yarnbombing to the kids in attendance. Armed with Lion Brand Yarns, the children made pom poms and put together a bicycle-themed mural that matches Kaye's signature style.

    TinkerFest is an annual day for kids at the Amazeum that celebrates "curiosity, creativity and innovation." This year, the third such event, had more than 40 different stations for children to visit, offering them the opportunity to experiment with interesting activities, such as DIY robot building and 3D printing.

    London Kaye is a classically-trained dancer and street artist whose favorite medium is crochet. She got her start putting her work on fences and has since made pieces for several  national brands. London has worked with Lion Brand in the past, including earlier this year when her creations using our yarn won the "best booth" award at the Craft & Hobby Association Mega Show in California. She also paid tribute to David Bowie during her appearance at Vogue Knitting Live.

    Here are some of the highlights from last weekend's event:

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  • Celebrate Relaxation Day With Knitting and Crochet

    Happy Relaxation Day! It may be Monday, but it's still the day for chilling out, hanging in a hammock, and having a mellow time. Since it has been shown that knitting and crochet have many health benefits, including stress reduction, they make a great addition to your relaxing celebrations.

    Anyone who has any experience with either craft knows how meditative it can be to sit and work on something simple, like the kind of project where you don't really need to pay close attention to the stitches because they're repetitive and basic. You can lounge with a drink or movie and work on them while you tune out the world around you.

    It can be great to zone out with an easy pattern, so celebrate Relaxation Day with one of these:

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