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Even Superheroes Like Knitting

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Even Superheroes Like Knitting

Imagine yarn so strong that it’s bulletproof. It’s not that unusual — if you’re a superhero, that is.

Handknit Heroes is the first comic book series all about superheroes and knitting. The first issue has already been released to much internet buzz. Each issue also comes with a free knitting pattern.

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  • hmmm, the free pattern is tempting …. but I notice you didn’t mention the $20 sub.for US res.

    Not sure a single pattern per episode is worth that.

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  • Hi, I publish Handknit Heroes, and I’d like to respond to Ginger.

    It’s a comic book– an actual, printed-paper booklet that you buy, with 22 pages of gloriously illustrated comic book storyline featuring teenaged superheroes who knit. This isn’t a download PDF thing– it arrives in your mailbox in a size that fits easily into your knitting bag. If you buy an independent comic book in a comic book shop, you could expect to pay about $5-6 per copy.

    Meanwhile, in the back of each issue, is a beautiful, fun, easy-without-being-boring, beautifully illustrated knitting pattern to make a project that appeared in the comic. If you bought a comparable independently-published knitting pattern, it would cost about $5-6.

    So, you can look at Handknit Heroes as being a comic book with a free knitting pattern. Or a knitting pattern with a free comic book. Or an inexpensive comic and inexpensive pattern. I don’t mind either way.

    It does cost $20 for an annual subscription– that’s less than the cover price ($5.50) if you were to buy it individually in stores, and that money goes to ensure that our designers, artist, editors, and printers are all compensated for their hard work. This isn’t a 32-page book with 6 pages of content and 26 pages of advertisements. It’s more like 26-28 pages of content and a few pages of relevant ads. I’m very comfortable with the price we’re asking for the content we deliver, and I hope you’ll look for the comic in your local yarn shop, so you can browse it and decide for yourself if it’s worth it to you.

  • All I can say, is you would expect to pay around $5-$8 per pattern for a single pattern download from Ravelry or a knitters website and you would pay the same for single printed patterns too, and that is just a pattern on its own.

    So if $5 gets you a pattern AND a comic book, the price seems fair to me. Even if you did not like the comic book, and wanted the pattern, then you have not paid more than you would expect to for a single pattern.

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