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Even Barbie Knits!

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Even Barbie Knits!

One of our associates, Lisa, in Accounting, collects Barbie Dolls and has this vintage “Knitting Barbie” in her office.

If you have Barbie dolls and would like to knit for them, pick up a copy of our friend, Nicky Epstein’s book.

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  • I have a vintage Barbie too! For years she was naked, but now she has a cute little dress I knit her with crochet cotton. Nicky Epstein’s book is on my Amazon wishlist.

  • love barbie!! I have both Nicky Epstein’s barbie books there great!!

  • Many years ago I started knitting Barbie clothes for my nieces. Now they have children of their own and I am adding to their Barbie clothing inventory. My nieces still have some of the clothes I made them 20 years ago !!!

  • not a knitter, but when we were kids, my sis and i had crocheted outfits for our barbies that a cousin had made. i can still see them now, and i think that my nieces are still playing w/ them.

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