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Enter to Win One of Four $25 Gift Certificates

We have never failed to be amazed at the creativity of our readers.  We were so impressed with your entries for our Father's Day Lola caption contest and you seemed to enjoy participating, so here's another chance to win some free yarn from the Lion Brand web site.

This contest is for writing a yarn or craft-related Haiku.  For those of you who have an idea about what a Haiku is but haven't had an opportunity to write one since middle school, here's a reminder.  A Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry.  For the purpose of this contest, we will follow the most common rule of writing Haiku:  three lines with the first line having 5 syllables, the second line having 7 syllables, and the third line having 5 syllables. Here's an example:

Create a Haiku
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Dreaming of fiber

Click here to fill out the entry form. Be sure to submit your Haiku by Thursday, July 29th for your chance to win.

PLEASE NOTE that comments left here on the blog will NOT be counted. Please click the link above to submit an entry.

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