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Enter Our Twitter Contest for a Chance to Win $50!

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Enter Our Twitter Contest for a Chance to Win $50!

In honor of our newsletter’s new Tip of the Week, we’re having a Twitter contest! Simply tweet your favorite knitting, crocheting, or yarn-related tip @LionBrandYarn by Friday, August 28th. Be sure to use the #LionTip hash tag to make it easy to spot. Only one entry per person, please. Our favorite will win a $50 gift certificate to the store. What are you waiting for? Start tweeting!

Not a member of Twitter? Don’t worry. We’ll be having another contest soon, so keep an eye on our blog for more chances to win.

You can also always share your knit and crochet tips on by clicking here.

**Only tweets (Twitter posts) are eligible. Tweets must be up by 11:59:59 pm EST Friday, August 28th.

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  • When knitting a project that will have seams, always knit the first stitch. It makes for a neater seam.

  • this tip is for keeping your place ,especially when you knit cables…..keep a different color yarn on a needle and run it through the working needle ,so the stiches stay secure if you need to unknit a mistake!

  • This is a little tidbit for crocheters out there. When on your last row of your project always leave enough of a tail that can be weaved in and out with a large needle. Makes for a better looking item.

  • normally I knit; but I needed something to work on while hiking. the easiest – crochet a washcloth. I hiked & crocheted in Yosemite – up Vernal & Nevada Falls … others were amazed, interested, intrigued…. yes, it’s easy to crochet & hike at the same time! just watch your step; when you get to steps, lots of tree knots rocks, pop it in your pocket. crafters are great at multi-tasking, can talk at the same time and breath too!

  • I knit in my tails as soon as I add new yarn. It looks just like weaving and I don’t have all the dreaded ends hanging.

  • Thanks for all of your great tips. The contest is only running on Twitter right now, so only tweeted tips will be entered. We’ll be having a contest outside of Twitter soon, though!

  • When I give a hand knit or crocheted baby blanket I use machine washable yarn. I include a small card that says the blanket has been washed according to the charity “Project Linus” inctructions. (That is washed with Dreft or Ivory and with no fabric softner). This means it’s entirely safe for new born or sick babies.

  • Hi, I use Post-It as a identifier for crochet projects elements. Either for the item or the container it’s in. With the rows, specialty stitches,hook, pattern, yarn description available quickly and very neatly there, you can re-start any crochet item quickly. Linda Firenze

  • I take pictures of finished projects write date, name of patten and who the project was for and what yarn used. Place in notebook with any notes about pattern or yarn. When family ask for something that was made for someone else I can look back see exactly what they are talking about.

  • My one tip is that if you are new to crocheting or knitting choose a light color to start with. I chose a dark color and had a very hard time learning.

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