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Enter Our Homespun Prayer Shawl Contest

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Enter Our Homespun Prayer Shawl Contest

We’d like to invite you to enter our newest contest sponsored by Lion Brand and Hobby Lobby.  To enter, create a prayer shawl made of Homespun yarn, take a photo and send it to us along with a story in 200 words or less about why you made it and who you made it for.

There will be 13 winners including a grand prize of $500 for the individual and $500 for the charity of her choice. Lion Brand will be matching the prize money of each winner with a donation to the charity of your choice.

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  • I wish I could enter this but gosh darn the state of Arizona!!! I can’t wait to see the winning shawl ~ it will be very inspiring.

  • I have used the Homespun for many a prayer shawl but did not take pictures of any of them. My usual MO is to use a pattern but change the stitches up a bit. Unfortunately, my entry wouldn’t be considered because I lacked pictures.

  • Just a silly question, there are so many shawl patterns in the world of knitting, is the pattern we use limited to the one shown on this page, should it be an easy pattern? Should it be an original pattern?

    Zontee says: Hi Bobbie, no, you are not limited to the pattern shown. Please go to the contest’s website ( for more information.

  • I have made many prayer shawls, just simple ones while I cared for my mother. She passed away in October and I found I never made myself a shawl. Would it count if I made one for myself?

  • I submitted my entry. When it finished, it goes to a page that says “My Contest Entry. You have nothing uploaded yet.” I’ve gone back and done it a couple times with the same result. Is my entry going through?

    Zontee says: Hi Danielle, please e-mail our support team at so someone can check for you.

  • I’m currently knitting a shawl to give to our local hospital. There are many elderly who are admitted & they tend to feel cold. The hospital has asked for volunteers to knit shawls. I think this is a nice idea. Also I have been to that hospital several times for surgery. The staff there has been so nice so I want to give back something. Knitting this shawl will be my present to someone who needs it.

  • why cant woman from Louisiana do this contest, that is just not rite, they should not have sent me the email if i was not able to enter. I would have loved to try and win the prize money because my grandmother is in the hospital after having a bad fall , she was in a coma for a day and because of all of our friends and families prayers she is making and remarkable recovery ,(the doctors are so amaized)she is responding to our voice and moving around now, they will have so much medical bills to pay im sure and the money would help so much. but no they wont let LA or TN(where my parents live) enter. just stinks rely does 🙁 I will be still making it of course but oh well I guess.

    Zontee says: Hi Stephanie, while we would love for everyone to be able to participate, the laws of every state are different, and some do not allow for certain kinds of contests in their states. We hope that you’ll be able to participate in future contests, but as always, we do have to respect the rules of each state.

  • I have the same problem as Danielle–my entry does not go through. I have tried for daya. Customer service does not reply. Now the deadline has passed. I am very disappointed with Lion Brand. I spent a lot of time with this.

    Zontee says: Hi Marie, we’re sorry that you had trouble submitting your entry. According to our system, you e-mailed us yesterday (June 2); we try to respond to all customer e-mails within 48 hours, so please be patient and someone will get back to you.

    In the future, please contact us as soon as you have trouble submitting your entry the first time so that we can help you right away instead of waiting until after the contest deadline.

    Also, please keep in mind that we have contests throughout the year, so there are many other opportunities to enter.

  • Dang.. I always miss out on the good stuff. Kudos for the money towards a charity. I never see this ever offered.

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