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  • Finding Inspiration On The Road

    When I was a little girl my dad said to me, “Shira, when you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life.” He really is a wise man.  So, when I meet people and ask them what they do and they tell me they love what they do, I'm really taken by them. Last week I had the chance to meet a whole roomful of people who were passionate about what they do when I had the privilege to be a judge in a competition called Enactus.

    Where Do You Find Hundreds Of People Passionate About What They Do In One Place?

    Enactus is an organization that gives students at different colleges and universities a platform to present entrepreneurial ideas and business plans to better their community and empower others. It really is wonderful to see the ideas that these kids come up with.  But they're not only ideas -- they actually put them into action.  You see how much effort and time they've put into creating business plans and making them come to life! You see their passion when they present. One group talked about how they raised money and started a relationship with a family in Cambodia to help them grow crops and teach them how to sell what they grew.  The group traveled to Cambodia to help one farmer sell his crops and a help him develop a new watering system that they created especially for him. These students love what they do and are looking for that future job that they will be passionate about.

    enactus Judge

    Judge-y Judge

    It was not easy to judge this competition, and I have to admit I felt like Christina Aguilera on The Voice -- their future was in my hands.  Not really, but I for sure felt super important.  It's not easy making decisions like that, deciding if different schools go through or not.  But hearing out all the wonderful business plans, charity work and so much more that these students do, put my mind at ease, knowing our future is made up of people who are super passionate about what they want to do in life or at least what they are doing now and how they want to better the world!

    Then off for some fun in Saint Louis. 

    I had a day to explore the Saint Louis area. I had never been to Saint Louis, MO.  Beautiful City.  I went to the Saint Louis Zoo! Did you know that the Zoo is free? Well it is and it’s truly beautiful! I stopped at the famous Arch of St. Louis but chose not to go to the top because there was something a bit more pressing to see.  On every trip I go on, wherever I am, I look for yarn. When I was little, when my dad went away he would bring back a snow globe from each place he went to, there began my snow globe collection. I even continued it as I got older. But now I look for yarn wherever I travel! I go into stores that sell Lion Brand to see how the selection looks and I go into small yarn shops as well.

    What kind of traveler are you?

    What have your best travel experiences been? Do you talk to the locals, see the famous landmarks or go off the beaten path? Do you make it a point to shop for yarn when you're away from home?

    Can We Meet?

    I'll be doing a lot more traveling this year and hope to meet many of you.  I know we share a passion for knitting and crochet so we'll have a lot to talk about.  Here's my schedule.

    Appearance Schedule for 2015

    • May 21- Atlanta, GA- North Georgia Knitting Guild and Chain Gang Crochet Guild
    • May 28- Long Island, NY- Eastern Long Island Knitting Guild
    • June 15- Greyslake, IL- Greyslake Crochet Guild
    • June 16 – Chicago, IL- Windy City Knitting Guild
    • June 29- Caldwell, NJ- Caldwell Crafting Groups
    • July 22-24- San Diego, CA- Knit and Crochet Show
    • October 8-Merrick, NY- Long Island Knit and Crochet Guild
    • October 19- Chappaqua, NY – Westchester Knitting Guild

    Appearance Schedule for 2016

    • February 8- Madison, WI- Madison Knitters’ Guild

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