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What’s Your Most Embarrassing Crafting Moment?

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What’s Your Most Embarrassing Crafting Moment?

If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you may have seen this post from Vanna White about an embarrassing crochet moment on an airplane:


We’ve all been there. Crafting in public can lead to some truly cringe-inducing moments. I’ve had a stray double pointed needle roll down half a subway car, leading me to chase after it, while the train was in motion. Fortunately New Yorkers are nicer than the stereotypes would lead you to believe, and someone grabbed it for me.

Have you had any hilarious mishaps while knitting or crocheting? We want to hear about it! Leave a comment and let us know! We want to know about all the awkward stuff — accidentally poking someone with a knitting needle, dropping bits and pieces in public, finding a crochet hook in your ponytail, whatever.

There were already lots of great ones on Facebook (both on Vanna’s page and ours):

“Two years ago my flight switched gates. I knit my way down the hall, with headphones on. Finally someone tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention- my skein was back at the old gate, and I was trailing yarn a few hundred feet.” — Anthony Gimondo

“I showed up to knitting group and when I got in the door all the ladies started standing up and looking in horror at the door, turns out I had dropped the ball in the floor board of the car and my project bag in my arm had pulled/unwound it all the way across the parking lot into the shop.” — Stephanie Kuhler

“My husband uses a shopping cart for support when he shops. He was in the new Walmart in Kingston, ON and browsing around. (he likes to shop) At one point, a woman came up to him and said she wondered where ‘it’ would lead as she pointed to the floor. When he looked down he realized that somehow the wheel on his cart had picked up a stringer of yarn from the craft aisle and he hadn’t noticed for quite some time but there was his meandering paths up and down aisles and all around. He was embarrassed at the time, but we laugh about it now!” — Bonita Shanks

“During one of the hardest rain storms possible, I traveled an hour to the largest yarn store in the area to find the whitest white yarn possible in order to complete a project. I found the whites white yarn, of course it was the last skein of all their white yarns. Once home, I opened the car door and the bag holding the skein of whites white yarn fell upside down into a mud puddle. That project is still frogged.” — Evie Schipper

Let us know what embarrassing stories you have that will make us laugh and cringe — no judgment here!

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  • I’m always dropping my skein or ball of yarn, and having to chase after it! One note to Evie Schipper–I dropped a ball of white yarn right into the gutter during a rain storm. I took it home, laid it on the register at home, left it there until it dried–and when it was dry, I knocked it against my hand–and LO and BEHOLD! all the dried dirt fell right off!!! I had planned to slip it into an old knee high hose and wash it, but I didn’t have to!

  • Crocheting at a hockey game, stood up and cheered at a goal, causing the hook in my hand to go in one direction and the ball of yarn fell down about three or four rows, behind and around the seats in front of us. My wonderful husband climbed down and untangled the yarn UNDER each row and around all the people and eventually found the hook. What a mess!

  • The guy who’s yarn was hundreds of yards at the last gate, was he embarrassed about the yarn, or that he’s a guy who knits?

    • Does it really matter??? There are lots of men who knit – there are even some who are famous knitters. More power to them, I say…who’s to judge?

  • I had the same issue as Vanna but insted of down the center of the aisle my yarn went under the seats. So it became a game of pass under the seat to the person in front of you. Thank goodness for good humored travelers! Wouldn’t you know that pesky yarn went 5 or 6 rows back before it got caught on someone’s belongings that were placed under the seat!

  • In 1972 I was knitting a long skirt in the round with variegated yarn. I controlled my tension carefully so that the colors created an attractive zigzag pattern. During the movie, The Godfather, I knitted in the dark. Leaving the theater I discovered that during the scene with the dead horse in bed, I had knitted so tightly that I had moved the pattern more than 12 inches. I was going to unravel it, but my husband convinced me that I would enjoy the story every time I saw the skirt. He was right.

    • My most embarrassing thing was having to have my daughter come to my house not once but twice after stabbing myself in the butt with my knitting needles. Needless to say I keep them off my chair or turned so I can’t do that again.

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