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Craft Action: Eco-Yarns and Projects

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Craft Action: Eco-Yarns and Projects

In honor of Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change, we want to share eco-friendly yarns and projects with you.

With the recent concern about climate change, Lion Brand has come out with several eco-friendly options, including organic and recycled yarns.  Our LB Collection Organic Wool is a worsted weight 100% organically produced wool dyed with low impact dyes.  Low impact dyes require less water to rinse and less dye bleeds into the water.  Lion Brand also has two organic cottons-Lion Organic Cotton and Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton.  Lion Organic Cotton is not dyed, but is available in naturally occurring shades, while Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton’s dyes are certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard by the Institute of Marketecology.  Another great option for the eco-conscious crafter is Recycled Cotton, which is spun from cotton fabric clippings that would otherwise be discarded when fabric is cut to produce tee-shirts.

There are a lot of great ways that knitting and crocheting can be used to make your life more eco-friendly.  By using a market bag you can prevent plastic bags from ending up in landfills.  Even though some bags are recyclable, the recycling process still polutes the air, unlike knitting and using your own reusable bag.  Scrubbies and dish cloths are also eco-friendly projects.  Instead of throwing away sponges and paper-towels, wash and reuse your scrubbies and dish coths!

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  • I also make my own recycled cotton dishcloths and towels. They’re easy to make, portable, and fast. Not to mention eco-friendly.

    Though not technically a knit tip, you can also use the mesh from onion, fruit or potato bags as scrubbies.

  • I’m waiting for a knitting along project; I cannot crochet due to problems in my wrists. Knitting needs less hand wrist movement.

  • I made this pattern about a year ago. I love it and it holds EVERYTHING! I can use it as a purse and still add a small shopping trip in it.

    Just as an example: this will hold 2 gallons of milk and a all my purse stuff!

    Love it and get lots of comments on it.

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