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Earth Day Crafting: 12 Patterns for a Healthier Planet

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Earth Day Crafting: 12 Patterns for a Healthier Planet

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd, and we’d love to celebrate with you. In the spirit of sustainability, we’ve put together patterns for reusable items – market totes and bags, and dishcloths, that you can craft in our cotton-y fibers. These Earth-friendly patterns are a wonderful way to go green with color! And since the theme of Earth Day this year is ‘End Plastic Pollution’, carrying reusable bags is a big part of that effort. Craft your own, and do ‘sustainability’ with style.

Earth Day Crafting

Reusable Bags

Many grocery stores now offer the option to purchase a bag at checkout, instead of using paper or plastic. While this is a wonderful alternative, it’s so much more fun to make your own! Here are 6 patterns for bags and totes, and we’d suggest making more than one. Leave one in the car, one by the door, one at your desk – if they’re readily available, you’re more likely to get in the habit of grabbing them for errands.

Cute Totes

The Trenton Tote (Crochet) is one of our favorite ‘green’ carryalls! It uses 24/7 Cotton in Grass. The handles are sturdy, and if you’re taking it along to a Farmer’s Market, the open weave will allow you to see your bounty while you shop! Our Slip Stitch Mosaic Tote Pattern (Knit) is a more substantial bag. While the pattern suggests Kitchen Cotton (now discontinued), we’d recommend substituting our 24/7 Cotton. The 4 Ball Market Bag (Crochet) is another great tote, with slightly longer handles. Crafter Laura gave it a 5-star review, writing “Fantastic tote! It’s cute and super versatile and sits on your shoulders just right so that your shoulder is not in pain if you load it up and make it heavy!” A great option for more substantial shopping trips.

Bags & Basket

Check out the Encantada Crochet Bag! It’s got longer straps, making it more of a satchel, perfect for beach days or festivals. The pattern is a Level 2 design, great for newer crocheters looking for something fun & different. Speaking of fun, we love the Granny Motif Market Bag (Crochet)! Jump on the granny square trend and carry this bright bag all summer long. Our last pattern isn’t quite a bag, but the Midland Basket (Crochet) will prove very useful in any space! While it’s worked up in neutral tones, you could choose any two colors to make cute totes for all over the house. They’re sure to be long-lasting, and add style to your storage.


Reusable dishcloths are not only eco-friendly, they’re a fun way to try out a new stitch! These 6 patterns for knit and crochet will give you ample practice, and have you flying through your scrap yarn. Keep in mind that you’ll want to designate these cloths for specific purposes: it isn’t sanitary to use the same cloth for washing dirty dishes, then wiping the counter, and also for your hands. Since it’s easy to whip up several, change them out often, and wash on hottest cycle to get them really clean. It’s recommend to use a separate cotton towel for drying clean hands and dishes.


How gorgeous are these Serene Spa Washcloths (Crochet)? We’d recommend substituting 24/7 Cotton for a dishcloth, and if you’re planning to use it as a washcloth (for your face), our Lion Brand Collection Cotton Bamboo. LBC Cotton Bamboo is soft and durable, and very well-liked by our crafters! The South Beach Washcloth Set (Crochet) is colorful, and you’ll want to keep crocheting them! The pattern is written for our now-discontinued Cotton-Ease, so we’d suggest 24/7 Cotton. Our Hermosa Beach Washcloth Set (Crochet) is another cute color-work pattern. Again, we’d recommend 24/7 Cotton for dishes and LBC Cotton Bamboo for faces. These are a fun shape, as well, and give the suggestion of seashells for summertime.


Now for knits! The Rocky Point Beach Washcloth Pattern (Knit) is surprisingly beautiful. Roberta rated it 5 stars, writing, “This one’s a winner. I made one for my partner and every time I make another one he’s eyeing it!” We’d recommend the same substitutions: 24/7 Cotton for kitchen use, LBC Cotton Bamboo for a washcloth. Our Bluebird Beach Washcloth Pattern (Knit) is easy, and a bit more textured! Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, this might be too scrubby, so we’d suggest it for kitchen use. Last but not least, these Knit and Crochet Soap Bags are chic and unique! Pop your favorite bar in, and the bag will act as a washcloth, soaping from the inside out. When you’re finished with a bar, give the bag a wash, and pop in another!

How will you celebrate Earth Day?

What are your favorite eco-friendly crafts? We would love to read your ideas, and we’re sure other crafters would, too. Share in the comments below how you plan to celebrate Earth Day, and let us know if you’ll be whipping up any of these reusable items!

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  • I have made a pool bag set from plarn, as well as a summer purse

    • This sounds amazing, Roberta – way to go creating your own sustainable projects!

  • I use old VHS and cassette tapes to make reusable bags and carryalls. Eye-catching, starts lots of conversations.

    • Hi, Marg – sounds very cool!

  • I have been collecting plastic bags and will be making a shopping bag out of them

    • This is another great idea, Stephanie, thanks for sharing!

  • I ❤️ Earth Day. I making plarn grocery totes. My daughter I have made for her dish clothes,wash clothes, potholders and blankets. I have also made baskets out of cotton and of plarn.

    • Hi, Rosie – We love Earth Day, too! Sounds like you are definitely doing your part to create sustainable items.

  • I send my plastic bags to a lady and her organization to made mats for home less people.

    • Diane – what a beautiful idea! Way to go, supporting several causes with one project.

  • Rockympoint Dishcloths pattern won’t download. I also tried to add it to my favorites and I can’t sign in.


    • Hi, Deb – sorry to hear you’re having trouble! I just double-checked the download with my own log-in, and it worked alright for me. If you haven’t had any luck yet, you can always scroll down to the bottom of our website and click ‘contact us’ for more specific website help. Good luck!

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