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Don'tcha Wanna Ruana? (a report by Ruanasaurus Rex)

Woah!! Amazing Free Pattern Alert!!


Ruanasaurus Rex here with an important Free Pattern Alert! I'm always on the hunt for two things... Really tasty forest berries  (I'm one of those yarn dinosaurs that only eats fruits of the forest) and SUPER AWESOME Ruanas! Normally, I only find the berries, but this time... I've scored big on the Ruana pattern. I just had to pass it on to all of you other Ruana-obsessed individuals!

Holy WOW. Ruanariffic!!

My good pal Moogly has truly outdone herself with this incredible Ruana pattern! It looks just like ME! And like me, it's simple! No increases or decreases (just like my even tempered mood). This Ruana is constructed from a simple rectangle split into two. This attractive Ruana should fit all sorts of folks, from petites to plus sizes, and even Ruanasaurus sizes! (I wear mine like a scarf, since I'm a big dinosaur, and it looks great). It's warm, but not too heavy, and of course I love the colors (I am the same colors).

The Perfect Yarn for the Perfect Ruana

Can I also just rave for a minute about how this is made from Vanna's Style? Such a great yarn choice, Moogly. While I am made out of MUCH more yarn (you should see me, I'm a huge yarn dinosaur), this Seaside Ruana is made from just 6 balls; 3 of Ecru and 3 of Navy.

That's All For Now!

Well folks, I'm Ruanasaurus Rex, and this has been a blast. But now it's time for me to go use my embarrassingly tiny forelimbs to awkwardly stitch together more Seaside Ruanas for my pals. Afterwards, I'm going to go hunting for some tasty fruits of the forest! Wish me luck!


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