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Don’t try this at home

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Don’t try this at home

According to this article, doctors are using size 7 crochet hooks in a new surgical procedure to remove varicose veins.

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  • I can see that sure!

  • WOW…..I work in a hospital and we wondered where all the crochet hooks were going!!! LOLOL
    First leeches, now crochet hooks!!! What next…???….hid your knitting needles, gals!

  • I started my Tree of Life project over this past weekend, but I noticed that the printed square pattern and the written directions do not match up. Is it me or is there an extra 4 stitches in there? SYD

    Zontee says: Hi Syd, please make sure your comment is on the correct blog entry. It can also be helpful to read through the comments of other people on the post you’re interested in. Jackie, our technical editor explained this issue in comment #78 on the Tree of Life post. Please see it for an explanation.

  • I have heard also of veterinarians using the size 7 crochet hooks in spaying show-quality cats. It dramatically decreases the size of the incision, which decreases scarring, and probably healing time, I would imagine.

    Umm, yeah, I’m gonna stick to yarn….

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