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Crochet on the Beach

NeSpoon, a Polish artist, adorned her favorite beach with beautiful doilies.  Her street art often involves using lace as a stencil to to create ceramics and paint public spaces, but for this project she decided to use the actual lace.  The delicate doilies were photographed and moved about by beach goers before eventually giving in to the salt air and disintegrating.  If you could decorate anywhere with yarn, where would you decorate and what kind of adornments would you use?

(via DudeCraft)

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  • Cupoftea

    How beautiful. Whereis this lovely beach?

  • Debi

    Stunning, but are there any dangers to wildlife from this? It is beautiful to look at though!

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  • Marianorma Am

    Me gusto mucho que imaginacion tan creativa
    Aprovecho esta oportunidad para saber si tienen hilos delgados y si me podrian hacer el favor de poner en muestrario enviarmelos a traves del e-mail para poder ver los diferentes colores y el precio por favor, Gracias

  • Marianorma Am

     Disculpe pero mi correo es .com