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Does Knitting Or Crocheting Make You Better? New Contest!

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Does Knitting Or Crocheting Make You Better? New Contest!

This blog post inspired me to think about how to make 2010 a great year.  It’s by friends at a company called Daily Grommet, that finds and shares information about extraordinary products.  They feature a book called Better Because Of You.  The book reminds us that small things can make a difference, that gratitude is an important practice, and that we need to remember our core values in the midst of active days.

So, taking a “page” from their post, we’re running a contest.  Comment below and finish one of these two sentences:

Knitting makes me better because. . . .


Crocheting makes me better because. . .

We will select our favorite by January 15th at 3:00 p.m. e.s.t.  The winner will receive a $35 gift certificate toward any products on our website to be shipped to an address in the United States.

There is no purchase required and the contest is open to anyone age 18 or over, except employees of Lion Brand Yarn Company and their immediate relatives.

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  • Knitting makes me better because it inspires and humbles me to use my gift that God gave me to help others by knitting hats and scarves for them.

  • Crocheting makes me better because it is cheaper than therapy, helps me relax, keeps my idol hands busy, and produces a beautiful product which I am able to pass along and bless someone with later.

  • Knitting makes me better because of who I’ve been taught by, being able to share my talents through making special, personal gifts for people and teaching a group of friends at work how great knitting is too!

  • Only in the US? That’s too bad {I’m from Canada}.Oh well, maybe next time you’ll let we Canucks join in?!
    Knitting makes me feel better because I can make something warm and cosy amongst my family. I also find that by keeping my hands busy with my needles there’s a who lot less snacking which definitely makes me feel 100% better.

  • Knitting AND Crocheting makes me better because I can share my talent those are ill by making prayer shawls with the prayer shawl ministry at my church. I’ve also been blessed the opportunity help children (mine and others) learn to knit and crochet.

  • Crocheting makes me better because it allows me to make fun, cute amigurumi that touch others’ lives with happiness.

  • When knitting, whether writing about it or working on a design, I’m thinking, exploring, learning new techniques, finding a small place in the handmade community, where I’m forever growing as a person, along with my projects.

  • Crocheting makes me better because it simultaneously affords me the opportunity to relax, exercise patience, and take pride in creating something both beautiful and useful.

  • Crocheting makes me feel better because it keeps my hands and my mind busy, prevents me from snacking and allows me to make toys and accessories that my friends and family need. It also teaches my son to love handmade items and appreciate the work and love that goes into them.

  • Crocheting (and sometimes knitting) makes me better because it calms me down and relaxes me during lunch hours; keeps me productive but relaxed while at home; and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I complete a new project and receive feedback on the project.

  • Crocheting has taught me that I DO have patience and a creative eye, that I CAN find a way to calm down and relax, and what’s even better is that the people I make things for know how much they’re loved just by receiving something that I’ve made for them. Crocheting makes me better because I’ve learned that if I can make a cardigan and socks from string, I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to. I’ve even decided to try my hand at DESIGNING crochet patterns.

  • Knitting makes me better because it has opened doors. By this I mean I have met so many people who come up just to ask me what I am making. It has also given me a venue through which to do something for others, charity knitting has become a passion – and when I share that passion with those who ask what I am making, I feel I pass a little of that passion along. Teaching others to knit is another door through which I stepped, knowing that they will take the time to make something homemade and special in the future for someone else, warms my heart. Knitting makes me a better person.

  • Knitting makes me better because when I am knitting my mind is free. I can create cozy warm designs and I can use them later. Knitting was my therapy when I lost my first baby it keep my mind busy and I recuperated faster. Knitting is wonderful!

  • Knitting makes me better because it allows me to feel better about all the “wasted” time I spend watching/listening to/atending sporting events! Having something beautiful and useful to show for those hours otherwise “wasted” is a blessing.

  • Crochet makes me better because it gives me a creative outlet and a way to relax & unwind every single day. It has enabled me to make many loving gifts in the past 17 years and also is now giving me the chance to show my love to my baby daughter by making her blankets and clothing & toys, and some day I will be able to pass on this craft that my Aunt passed on to me, which has so profoundly shaped my life.

  • Knitting makes me better because it grounds me and calms me down after a hectic or frustrating day. It is a relaxing and gratifying activity for me–I can create for those I love and I can take great pride in what I’ve created.

  • Knitting makes me feel better because many years ago it was my crutch when I stopped smoking. It’s amazing how therapeutic it was to knit socks instead of lighting up a cigarette!

  • Knitting makes me better because it helps me to relax and regroup; it takes my mind off of my worries. I just learned how to knit, so it’s helping me to learn a new skill and produce gifts for others as a wonderful outcome of my experience.

  • I don’t know if knitting makes me better BUT it definitely makes me and my day feel better. I must have been 5 years old when my Mother taught me how to knit. And, now, 61 years later, I’m still knitting and still getting the same sense of accomplishment I had after completing my first litle knitting project (a scarf).

  • Crocheting makes me better because I share the idea of recycling with the person I give my gift. I crochet because making a vest or scarf shows using recycled yarn is gentle to the enviornment. And while I crochet that gift I think of that person each time which gives me pleasure. I also crochet for myself, I like the feeling of creating, too bad I don’t have much time to do more but what I can do I definitely enjoy.

  • It makes me feel productive even when I am sitting on the couch. I enjoy listening to the TV or music, but can’t stand just sitting doing nothing. Crocheting something gives me a great feeling of accomplishment.

  • Knitting makes me better because it gives me a creative outlet, helps ease my stress, helps me show my love for people by making them stuff and keeps my hands busy so I will never be tempted to smoke again.

  • Creating beautiful, useful projects helps keep my mind active and is a way that I can feel better about myself as I give back to my family, friends and community. My grandmother taught me to knit and crochet. Through the years that skill was honed in school club activities and Girl Scouts. As an adult I became a home economics teacher, a parent and a Girl Scout leader and passed those skills to young girls. Now retired, I crochet and knit for charity and I have an online etsy site which channels my creativity.

  • Knitting makes me feel better for so many reasons. For starters, I love the textures, colors and the never ending beauty of yarn. Knitting allows me to connect with all of my senses actually- touch, sight, smell (I know it might sound strange but I like to smell my knitting!), sound, and taste (listening to a great CD while my needles are clicking away, while having a cup of lemon ginger tea). Oh yes and then there is that sixth sense- our intuition. Knitting can put me in such a meditative state sometimes that it can be a very valuable tool in figuring out what direction to move my life in next. Knitting and purling can be very conducive to thought! I think that knitting basically makes me feel better because it mends my soul. Sometimes it even makes me feel like I am in love. It also fends off boredom. Knitting, and crocheting, is really like taking a security blanket wherever we go isn’t it? Plus, tell me- who doesn’t love making a strand of yarn into something they can wear?

  • I knit and crochet, both have made me better because I give away 90% of what I make. Both as gifts for family and charities. (Newborns in Need and Prayer Shawls). It also keeps my hands busy, which is good for the diet.

  • Knitting and crocheting make me better because they allow me to do something creative and relaxing while being with my family. I can use idle time (waiting in carpool lines, outside music lessons) to feel productive. And it has provided a way for me to give the people I love a tangible gift of my love and time. Whether it’s my kids (who all have an afghan, hats, mittens, scarves made by mom) or my 91 year old grandmother or my new nephew half a world away, I can give them a piece of me.

  • Crotcheting enhances my travel experiences with my husband. With my hands busy, I am able to stay awake and alert while my best friend drives. We chat. I am still able to look up and see the countryside. And, occationally, I get to share my work with another crafter, either thru the car window or at rest stops!

  • Knitting makes me better because it teaches me patience. It teaches me to do things right, or at least learn how to fix them. It grounds me to the earth by letting me work with my hands, it gives me the opportunity to give from my heart and it reminds me that we has humans, just as a knit stitch, are all important as individuals but are part of a bigger whole. It also keeps me awake while I catch up on my TV watching.

  • Knitting makes me better because the lessons I learn from knitting can be applied to other areas of my life involving patience, creativity, and the love of completing something I’ve started.

  • Crocheting makes me better because I am a tightly wound person and it allows me to channel my excess energy into something constuctive. It is a calming exercise that sets me at ease. I also feel wonderful when a finished product makes someone else happy when I give it to them. Home made gifts mean so much more and crochet allows me to bond with my friends and family on a deeper level.

  • ‘Crocheting makes me better because’ I can show love and meet the needs of family, friends, and those in difficult situations by custom-making them soft and warm items in the yarn textures and colors they choose and cherish.

  • Crocheting makes me better as a mom! It requires patience, something I didn’t have much of before kids. It inspires curiosity in my daughter, who at 4, already wants to learn the craft. She always asks me to make her a new bunny, or bear, or whatever catches her fancy, haha. My husband appreciates that it’s a hobby that I’m passionate about, and not a passing fad. My grandmother originally taught me the craft, and after she passed away I picked it up again, and I feel close to her. Everyone appreciates the handmade gifts, because they understand it is made with much thought, care, patience, love and perseverance. And most of all, it’s just plain fun! 🙂

  • Just wanted to let you know how inspiring your podcast is and how much I am loving it! It has inspired me to try one of your crochet afghan patterns I had been looking at for months, but didn’t have the confidence to try because it had been 17 years since I had crocheted! But I finally did it (the Anna Ripple afghan) and I gave it to my husband for Christmas–he loves it and it stays on our bed each night! Making that afghan built up my confidence and what a sense of accomplishment that yes, I CAN make something beautiful! Thank you for your inspiring podcast and all your generous free patterns–I have chosen many more to make and am so excited to get busy this year with a newfound (or rekindled) love of yarncrafting!! Renee in Utah

  • Knitting makes me very happy because I can make cute things for myself, friends and family and I can learn new things too. I love it because it shows me that when I put my mind to something I can do it and figure it out. Another reason I love it is because I taught my mom how to knit, and we aren’t very close, but through knitting and me helping her we have become closer.

  • Both knitting and crocheting provide me with a calmness of spirit. As I create the stitches, my mind is able to untangle the worries that have crept in and they don’t seem so overwhelming anymore. It allows your heart, mind, and hands to work together in a meditative way that brings peace and joy.

  • Crocheting makes me a better person without a doubt. The soothing repetition of motion in my hands helps to still my chaotic mind. I often have my most profound revelations while in the midst of endless rows of hdc! I like to use the time when I’m creating something for a specific recipient to pray for them, this feels like weaving blessings into their life!

    Thanks for all you do at Lion Brand Yarn!

  • Crocheting makes me better because I can create anywhere. If I am not creating something, I feel incomplete. Crochet’s portability allows me to keep creating- almost anywhere. Crochet’s usefulness pushes me to continue- and to never run out of good project ideas.

  • Crocheting makes me better because I can multi task. When crocheting, I am using my brain & body, doing something I enjoy, making something for someone else, creating a work of art, using my time wisely, and doing it all while I am sitting with my husband, who is watching TV. And it is also therapy, providing a sense of calm and relaxation. I love it.

  • Crocheting and knitting have made me creative, inspired, generous, thrifty, curious, productive, brave, capable, and so much more. That’s a lot from a ball of yarn and needles or hook!

  • Knitting and crocheting make me feel better as I explore skills fallow for two decades, create gifts created stitch by stitch for someone I love, provide a gift of warmth and comfort to those in need, and gather with fellow crafters to share our lives through knitting.

  • Knitting makes me better because…it helps me to think more of others than of myself. When I knit (or crochet), I can create things for charities, for family, and for friends. I can show them how much I care and love them, but also share my gifts and talents with them! It brings joy to my heart to see others who enjoy what I have made. And it makes me happy to know that the needs of others are being met.

  • Knitting makes me better because …

    Keeps my hands busy
    Needles me into learning new techniques
    Is excellent thinking time
    Tells people I love them with something handmade
    Teaches me patience and perseverance
    I don’t eat when I’m knitting
    Nothing makes me happier
    Gives me peaceful moments whenever I need them

  • Crocheting makes me better because in a world of chaotic, hurry up and go mentality, crocheting grounds me. It is my own personal time to create, reflect, relax, and rejuvinate. There’s just something so calming and freeing about having that hook and yarn in my hands. Ending up with a beautiful gift for someone else or even for myself is just an added bonus!

  • Knitting makes me better because it allows a portion of my creative energy to be directed toward functional and practical, as well as artistic, pursuits. It provides a venue for relaxation which in turn I can focus on prayer for others.

  • Knitting AND crocheting make me better because they help me slow down, visualize creative outcomes, and productively play.

  • Crochet is much better for me. The simplest reason is I haven’t learned how to knit well enough to relax while doing it. It also helps me deal with PANIC ATTACKS by giving me something to do that takes my mind off of whatever makes me panic! It is easier to carry a crochet hook than kniting needles. I carry about 10 different sizes in a carrier in my purse, and at least one kind of yarn. When I have to sepnd time waiting, I will pull out a hook and some yarn and make something.

  • Crocheting makes me feel better because it gives me the opportunity to bless others. I crochet prayer shawls for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones or who are undergoing medical treatment. Giving them something handmade lets them know they are loved and that our church cares for and is praying for them.

  • Knitting and crocheting make me better because it allows me to reach out to people in a way that is special. It allows me to recollect my thoughts and refocus. It allows me to show my children another thing to do with your hands

  • Knitting makes me better…hm–I have thought of this before. Knitting makes me better because it helps to relieve the everyday stresses of life. It helps in times of those extra stressful times – sitting in a hospital room with a loved one, just to be there with them. It calms me down so as not to show the stress.Knitting helps me to be a better person – causing me to think of others – it helps me to share my heart with others. Knitting helps me to be me.

  • Crocheting makes me better because I get to spend time making a beautiful gift for someone I love. I spend the time picking just the right pattern and materials. It also makes me better because I can give back some of my projects to the community (ie blankets to Warm up America or cancer caps to a local hospital)

  • Crocheting makes be better because it connects me with worlds beyond me… to the past when everything was made by hand…to family and friends who make my life more full…to those less fortunate than the present as I watch my creation unfold.

  • Knitting makes me better because…it is so much a part of who I am. I am a knitter. Without it, I would not be the same person and I would be less than who I am today.

  • Hi Ilana,

    Jeanne from Daily Grommet here. I’m so excited that you and so many others have found inspiration in the “Better Because of You” post. You really do need to follow your passion to be happy – and all of these comments prove that. Now more than ever I wish that I’d kept up my knitting (I learned when I was twelve) or that I’d picked up crotcheting from my grandma (she won prizes at fairs out in Montana).

    I suppose it’s never too late … I’m so curious to see who you pick as your winner; so many good comments. Good luck everyone!

  • Knitting makes me better because it forces me to sit and give my body and mind time to relax and recharge. Another benefit is the many new wonderful friends that have added so much to my life that share my love of knitting.

  • Knitting makes me better because it gave me the confidence to learn to crochet. Which was something I failed at when I first tried to learn it as a kid.

  • Knitting makes me better because it gives me something constructive to do with my hands while spending time with my husband watching shows he likes. I can make something for someone I love while I spend time with someone I love.

  • Knitting makes me feel better because it helps me to relax. I move alot with my family, and we now have just bought a fixer-upper. So, knitting helps me de-stress and I get to make things for my family and charity at the same time.

  • Knitting makes me better because I am a calmer happier mom. Between the stress of having cronic pain and young kids it really helps to have something that not only helps keep my joints better but gives me something for me that doesn’t involve medical appointments or taking care of the house. It is just something I do for me.That in turn has an end product I can share with others with the knowledge that I did it.

  • How could knitting or crocheting NOT make us better people? We live in our self-created society of “STRESS.” We push ourselves and push ourselves. We all need to relax but how many of us would not have any relaxation if we didn’t have our needles or hooks in our hands? It forces us to sit down, whether in front of the TV, traveling, or listening to audio books (my favorite), so we can get some “rest.” I work in the health care arena – very stressful – no opportunity to create something of beauty and at the end of my day, I need to rest my mind as much as my body. But many of us need to be doing “something” besides vegetate and so we get out our yarn and practice our craft. I think all of us who knit or crochet have an artist within us – that need to create, to make a statement, to give gifts, etc. I have given away everything that I have created. Perhaps it is a way to leave a part of myself behind so someone will pick up an afghan, a sweater, and remember me and the love I put into making it.

  • Knitting and crocheting both make me better because they make me less likely to bite the heads off of those that I work with.

  • Knitting makes me better because it forces me to stop. Stop emailing, stop doing laundry, just simply STOP … and sit, and relax, and drink warm tea, and look out the window at the world … and take a precious hour or two where I just focus on counting stitches, rows, knitting up yarn and starting the next new ball. When I’m knitting I see my achievement grow. I’m busy … but I’m not the constant, fighting, struggling kind of busy that is the life of many Mom’s. I’m busy growing a very special unique project that knits a little piece of me into every stitch.

  • Knitting makes me better because it is calming. Keeps me from fidgeting, and has the bonus of letting me play with color and end up with something useful. Not to mention making things for others.

  • Crochet makes me better because it has always saved “the day.” As a child, it saved me from a step-father who was a tyrant (I could always “zone out” into my crochet) and it served as a way to make my own spending money. In high-school and college I created outfits, one of which a lady in Parklane Hosiery asked to buy when I was wearing it! That was special. As an adult, I didn’t have money for baby shower gifts, so I made layettes of Hat, Booties, Sweater and blanket. Now as a grandmother, I crochet because it relaxes me. The things I make I still give as gifts and it amazes me that people are so overwhelmed at such a simple gift.

  • Crocheting makes me better because it makes me think of others and what I can make for them, as well as think lovely thoughts of them as I sit and make them something nice.

  • Crochet makes me better, it de-stress’s me, keep me calm, helps me focus, gives me a quiet time to reflect on my day. It keeps me sane. I am the grandmother of 3 special needs small grandchildren that I have been raising since each one was born. My days are filled with stress, service people in and out of my home and constant motion and noise. Each evening after my young ones are asleep, I sit and crochet to help me relax and de-stress from a very hectic day.

  • Crocheting makes me better because I am able to make beautiful gifts for my friends and I have made lots of hats and caps, shawls and acarfs for cancer patients in my home town. Through it I am able to offer some comfort to these patients. I hope to continue making these gifts.

  • Knitting makes me better because it forces me to sit and relax. As I sit and relax, my thoughts come into focus. As my thoughts come into focus, I can look at them with a more objective eye, deleting the bad ones and filing away the good ones. As I file these thoughts, I can prioritize what will have the most lasting impact on thers, what is important for my well-being and what is just plain FUN!
    When I come away from my knitting time, two things have been accomplished. My creation is a little further along and I am becoming more the woman my Creator desires me to be.

  • Crocheting has taught me to appreciate the beauty of handmade items. In our fast paced, high-speed, mass produced world, crocheting takes me back to a simpler time. As I sit and crochet each stitch, I think about the person I am making the piece for, and it’s as if they are sitting there with me having a cup of tea. Life takes on a quieter pace and I am lost in the moment.

  • Knitting makes me better because it lets me do something constructive yet calming on my one day off work on Kandahar AB, Afghanistan. Knitting something here and sending it home to my family in Colorado makes it that much more special, a little love from across the miles.

  • Crocheting and Knitting make me better because when I give someone a handmade gift it always makes them smile. And it usually comes when they need the smile the most. When they smile, it sinks into my heart and stays there forever. Boy do I have a really full heart!!!

  • Crocheting makes me better because I have a career in publishing that started from knowing crochet. It also allows me to be the artist I wanted to be since I was a child. Crocheting also fills my idle hands and I love it. I like the repetitions of stitches and stitch patterns as much as the finished product.

  • Crochet makes me better because it brings out the creative side of me. It allows me an escape from the “busy-ness” of life and brings relaxation to my mind and my body. It also gives me a way to make something with my own hands and see the joy that a beautiful gift brings to someone else. Those smiles are what bring me the most happiness!

  • Crocheting makes me better because I can be constructive while spending time with my husband and 5 kids. I can also make original items to sell to help out with the household bills (I am a stay at home mom) This way I feel I contribute financially as well as physically to the household. I love to crochet sweaters, baby blankets, and afghans. I get alot of my inspiration right here on Lion Brand!

  • Knitting makes better as it allows me to share a craft with people who want to learn how to knit. It also makes me better when I give a knitted gift to someone who doesn’t expect it. I get a nice gift in seeing them smile!

  • Knitting and crocheting makes me feel better because the flow of the yarn through my hands is rhythmic and hypnotic and the act of creation is amazing and beautiful. I always leave a session with my yarn breathing a little deeper.

  • Knitting & Crocheting make me a better person in many ways. They take my mind off the constant pain I’m in from Fibromyalgia and help me to focus outside of myself. All of the items I make are for either friends, family or charity and so spread the joy of handmade articles. It also shares a craft that spans all ages, genders & ethnicities.

  • Knitting makes me better because it relaxes me so I won’t take my stress out on some poor unfortunate soul who happens to get in my way. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy, making something special for others.

  • Knitting makes me better because even though I can’t ever seem to finish the dishes or laundry or homework (I’m a Senior at Iowa State University) or any of the other things that are always in a never-ending cycle – I can finish my knitted projects! I only learned last January and I’ve made 2 1/2 sweaters for baby and several bibs and assorted other projects. Makes me feel like I can succeed at something. 🙂

  • Knitting and/or crocheting make me better because … they calm my mind and thus cause me to accept the bumps in life more easily than I might otherwise. Blowing up and having total hissy-fits is NOT a good way to relate to those around you! Because I have yarn and needles/hooks, I don’t need to even *try* drugs or alcohol. If whatever I’ve made doesn’t suit the person I intended it for, I can always please someone else with it instead. (Husband of 38 years still awaiting his sweater; the one he asked for was snubbed and my sister has been very happy with it ever since!)

    Now that I’ve finally found a local branch of the Linus Project, I have an outlet for all the blankets/shawls I feel like making. My immediate family members have all they want, and the more distant ones don’t deserve any.

    The same group that collects for the Linus Project also offers free lessons to anyone who’s interested. Since we meet in a public place, we’ve usually got one or two new knitters/crocheters each meeting. I love that I can now not only share what I make, but share my experience and my surplus of yarn, needles, hooks! I may not live long enough to use up all my stash, but maybe long enough to give it away piecemeal?


  • Knitting makes me better because it calms me and gives me an outlet for my creativity. I have a daughter with Down Syndrome and I need to be available to her but if I can just stay still she will be more willing to try new things for herself. This can be frustrating but knitting is the answer! Others have seen how this works and I am about to start a little class on knitting. Very informal and free to them but another way knitting makes me better.

  • Crocheting makes me better because I suck at all the other artsy crafts I’ve tried. THIS I can do well and produce lovely things to display, give to friends and family and donate to charity. It gives me confidence and increases my self-esteem when other people like my work. Let’s face it…I’m addicted…and THAT’s a GOOD thing!

  • Knitting makes me feel better because it’s such a great stress reliever! I work full-time, go to college full-time and I’m a mom of an 8yr old and 2yr old twins. My knitting time is my “ME!!” time. I can just tune into my project and tune everything else out for a little while. When I’ve finished a project, not only did it helpl me relax and destress but that finished project is going to be joy and happiness to another person. It’s a 2-for-1 deal!

  • Hi. I’m not sure if my comments on Facebook are coming through:
    Crocheting helps me be better by making something handmade for a family member, friend or maybe someone I don’t even know (a charity project.) This helps me to do something worthwhile and I think and pray over the person who will receive it as I make the item. A side benefit: since I use both hands while crocheting: I can’t eat as much and I hope to lose weight (starting today) while crocheting!

  • Knitting makes me better by providing a quiet, creative place that I can go after a busy day, to create beautiful things that make me happy, and the person who will use them.

  • Crocheting makes me better because, after having a small house fire in March ’09, it has helped me to learn how to focus negative feelings in a productive manner. Now I use it to make gifts for friends, as well as making prayer shawls for residents of a nearby nursing home. I am also considering an online shop to sell smaller crochet projects to raise money for a Breast Cancer fundraiser. And I have fun doing it!!

  • Knittting makes me feel better because it is a creative outlet for time I spend resting. I am 74 years old and grew up with the old axiom from my grandmother about idle hands doing the devil’s handwork (can’t remember it exactly). Anyway I love the challenge of difficult patterns and the pleasure of a job well done and appreciated by others. It just makes me feel good and I forget about the things I can no longer do.

  • Crocheting and knitting make me better because they keep my hands and my brain busy. I like to challenge myself with new stitches and new projects, which helps keep my brain healthy. This year, I taught myself and my daughter to knit. I crocheted hats and scarves for the homeless, and made crocheted “bathing caps” for a HS drama production. It gives me a creative outlet, and a way to share my time and energy with the community.

  • Crocheting makes me better because when I create something for those in need or as a gift, it makes me feel better; even through my medical issues, pain, sadness, worrying, or stress I feel good about doing something for someone else.

  • Knitting makes me better because it is my escape valve. My motto is: “When the going gets tough, the tough get knitting.”

    It is what kept me going (along with my family, of course) through chemo and radiation. What a joy it was to give away the chemo caps and start wear happy clothes that I had knit in anticipation of moving forward.

  • Knitting and crocheting makes me a better person.
    I feel connected with the person who recieves the wonderful things I make. Reading what others have shared here has made me feel connected to other people.

  • Oh, knitting absolutely makes me a better person, because it is the one thing that I do for myself. It is my only “hobby” and went I sit down and knit, I can zone out, or just have time to think and clear my head. Also, it is a challenge for me, and it gives me a creative outlet.

  • Knitting makes me a better person because learning it has taught me how to have more patience than ever.
    It has also introduced me to some amazing women in my knitting groups, and has also made me feel connected to centuries of knitters: “How on earth did someone first think to DO this?!”

  • Crocheting makes me better because I can give gifts that are worth so much more than anything that can be bought, that are stitched with love in every row, and are individual works of art. These gifts will be treasured by my friends and family, and may live on beyond my lifetime, creating memories that can be passed down to the next generation.

  • Knitting makes me better by calming me (free therapy), letting me use my creative juices so I feel a fulfillment, and allowing me to give back to others as most of my projects are for someone else. What better feeling can you have? And you can knit almost anything! So…calm, fulfilled and giving.

  • Knitting and crocheting makes me better, because not only can I keep my hand busy but I can make something for someone else at the same time. It also has provided me with a great way to recycle plastic bags. I turn the bags into yarn / plarn and knit and crochet them into wonderful tote bags.

  • Knitting makes me better as a Nana because I give my grandkids a knitted hug in the things I love to make for them.

  • Knitting and crocheting make me better because they remind me that problems CAN be solved with patient, creative thinking, that there is always the option of going back to the fork in the road and making a different decision, and that every step of a journey is as important as every other in arriving at one’s goal.

  • Crocheting makes me better because it helps me relax at the end of a stressful day or week, which makes my home a much happier place to be. I made crochet star ornaments for everyone at work to celebrate the holidays and it was such a great feeling to see faces light up when I handed them out. It only took a little of my time and it was amazing to see the impact it made on everyone that day. I’m working on little hearts for Valentine’s Day and looking forwarding to bringing a little bit of happiness to everyone’s day.

  • Knitting makes me better because. . . I am calmer when I am enjoying time knitting. It is a creative outlet that allows me to meet new people. I can give something to myself or someone else that has my thoughts in every part of it.

  • Knitting and Crocheting makes me better because it gave me the chance to forge a bond with my “teachers”. My aunt taught me to crochet when I was a child. My mother-in-law taught me to knit (obviously as an adult). Now I have the chance to bond with the people that I teach. It also makes me better because I can make something handmade and heartfelt for those that I love. A little piece of me to them.

  • knitting and crocheting make me better, because as i work on my projects, i am able to see myself as a capable person who can overcome the abuse of my childhood and marraige and make a better life for my girls and me. thanks

  • Crocheting makes me better because I find peace in the rhythm of the stitches, warmth in the soft touch of the yarn in my hands and joy in sharing the projects I finish with family and friends.

  • Knitting and Crochet make me better because they are both rythmic, soothing, and meditative. Both bring me calm in the face of life’s storms. When stress levels are up, the calm of working with a good yarn and needles or hook..and rocking in my chair brings a sense of grounding and centering, My imagination moves into the realms of what can I create and leave the stress, the worries and the woes of another workday behind!!!!

  • Knitting and Crocheting make me a better person. More loving, kind, patient and closer to my God!

  • I have been knitting for many years and seen a lot of changes. I am also very compulsive and tend to make decisions without thinking things through. I have been trying to learn more patience. The answer was right in front of me. I have several projects on my needles at any given time. Now when I need to do some heavy thinking (decision making) I pick up my needles and concentrate on the instructions and soon I have my answers as well as some real progress on my project.

  • Crocheting makes me better because I learned to sit still in 12 step meetings and finish something I started. I now have enough finished to give some away to charities. I sit in meetings and do volunteer work for a charity at the same time.

  • It has been said that walking is excellent therapy because it harmoniously engages both sides of the brain. The same is true of knitting and crocheting, in my opinion. If I’m sad or stressed out or if I need to figure out how to handle a problem, it always helps to sit down and knit for a while. The rhythmic motion of knitting is both relaxing and focusing and that’s enough to make anyone better!

  • Knitting makes me better because it keeps my restless self busy, keeps me creative, and connects me to people with the products of my hobby.

  • Knitting makes me better because it helps me calm myself and relax. I have suffered from severe depression for many many years and have found that sitting and knitting takes my mind off of whatever is bothering me and helps me focus on whats important in my life like my family and friends. It also helps me remember my Grandma who was the one who taught me to knit.

  • It is so funny that you ask this question. Crocheting makes me better because I find the joy of giving easily through creations given to those that don’t expect it. This Christmas I gave handmade scarves and cowls to those that I have met through the year that have made an impression on me and are probably less fortunate than I…my favorite deli clerk at Walmart…the gal that works at Goodwill that commented on my own cowl and wished she had one. I will be carrying this inspiration into the future and continue to surprise those that least expect it.

  • Knitting AND crocheting make me better because it is therapeutic and relaxing and keeps me busy. I can make beautiful gifts for family and friends and prayer shawls for members of my parish. I’m also proud that I taught myself how to knit, and feel special that my mom taught me how to crochet. My mom and I have become even closer now that we can “stitch and bitch” together!

  • Crocheting makes me better in that I am able to ‘give back’ and benefit my community, family, and also find it relaxing as well.
    With ‘extra’ in my stash I make scarves and hats to donate to my church for them to distribute.
    My grandma taught me to crochet many years ago and as her arthritis limits her own crocheting I make her washclothes that she loves.
    As a single parent my budget is super limited and this holiday I was able to make a hat and hoodie for my son and a shrug and leg warmers for my daughter and all with yarn (LB of course) that I got on sale (always aware of the budget).
    I find the entire creative process very calming and satisfying…and crocheting is something that cannot be machinically duplicated, which makes it all the more special.

  • Knitting and crocheting both make me better because it allows me to remember the person that taught me to crochet, my grandmother; it allows me an opportunity to destress; it allows me to express my creativity in a manner that I can share with others; and it allows me an opportunity to bond with my daughter Isabel,10 yo, whom I am teaching these artforms to now.

  • Knitting makes me better because it helps keep me sane. I have a 3 1/2 year old, 2 1/2 year old, and a 1 year old and knitting helps me relax at the end of the day and it makes me feel like I accomplished something, which as a mom at home with three kids is a rare treat.

  • Knitting makes me better because it allows me to slow down, reflect, and appreciate life one stitch at a time.

  • Crocheting makes me feel better because it’s so relaxing. After a stressful day at work, I look forward the crocheting project that awaits me at home. Crocheting is not demanding, it does not talk back or ask anything of me. Crocheting is freedom. I am free to express myself through crocheting. I pick up a project or set it aside at my will. I rarely keep any of my project. I am delighted to see the smiles and hear the words of appreciation from the people that I give my creations too. For christmas, I crocheted 12 hats with matching scarfs for all the women in my family. I wish that I would have recored their reaction when they opened their gifts. They were all shocked that I actually made them all gifts. I started crocheting on Thanksgiving and finished up Christmas Eve. My projects not only make me happy; they make the people I love happy. No one in my family crochets or knits. I learned to crochet from a friend at work.

  • Knitting makes me better because…

    It allows me to take time slowly. I typically can either speed through a day with activities and my brain going 100 miles a minute, but when I knit, I get to slow everything down and enjoy the time in the present moment. That and it solves my habit of always having to do something, knitting is a wonderful multi-tasker.

  • Knitting (and crocheting) make me better by connecting me with others. I have become closer with my mother in law as she is the one who has taught me and who helps me when I encounter something confusing and it has helped me connect with others who I have taught or who I socialize with in real life and on the internet about knitting. It is a fantastic way to meet knew people, get to know people better and give to others.

  • Crocheting makes me a better person for a few reasons. I can’t draw or paint (I wish I could) or play an instrument. I can create beautiful things with a hook. So my creative drive is forfilled. I find it destressing, as life and especially work can cause such stress. I can make things not only for myself but for others. I’ve unfortunately made some prayer shawls, two were for people who are still here and one for a young girl that is no longer here. I have a grandson that is several hours away and when I make him or his mother something I feel closer to them. When I retire I will have more time to crochet for charity and will look forward to it. Crocheting is good for my arthritis and good for mental stimulation. It links me to women from all of our pasts that knit and crocheted, especially my much loved and missed grandmother. I can answer questions about the art after so many years and recently was able to do so for a coworker that needed advice about what to get to get her mom reinterested in crochet to help getting her to do something as she is obviously depressed since her spouse’s death. I love crochet

  • Knitting makes me a better person because I am able to help people, spread joy, and express myself all in a simple craft! The possibilities are endless and there are no borders. It is something that I enjoy and that I am able to share with others!

  • Knitting makes me better because I can’t do it without thinking about the person for whom I am knitting. Whether it is a scarf for a future Son-In-Law, a shawl for Aunt Clara or an afghan for the new baby in the family, my mind is humming with loving thoughts of that person with each stitch. When I am not knitting for a family member or friend I remind myself to stitch prayers into every knit or purl for friends, neighbors, the world in general and when I put the project down I feel warmed by the love I have received from the knitting.

  • Knitting makes me better because it connects me to other people. Over the years I have made gifts I have made for family, friends, people in need and even people who defend our country have helped me define the threads that knit together society for me. And I have also “knit together” connections at the work table as I have learned to knit, taught others and shared ideas and patterns with fellow knitters.

  • Knitting makes be better because it teaches me a life skill. These life skills such as cooking, paying taxes, changing a flat tire, and knitting are useful and such knowledge needs to be cherished. Knitting has taught be how to be self sufficient and remind myself that I am my own boss. If I can’t find something I would want to wear in the store, my knitting needles and that inspirational yarn tell me, “Hey, Design and knit your own dress or skirt then. If you don’t like what you see, you have the power to create what you want.” And along with the pride that comes from being independent, knitting makes me so much better by teaching me patience (like when you’re knitting those five stitches for forever to finish the straps on the bag), persistence (finish what you start, you’re going to run out of needles if you don’t finish some of those scarves), and be so much more thankful. Without knitting, I wouldn’t understand the time and effort that would go into something someone makes for me and it has given me a newer appreciation for things. Looking at knitted sweaters in stores as I shop with my friends is never the same again. They scoff at the ridiculous price while all I can do is stare at the craftsmanship and try to memorize it so I can knit it myself.

  • Knitting/crocheting makes me better because I passed on the craft to my niece and sister that I thought died with the ability of my grandmother who first taught me over 30 years ago.

  • Knitting & Crocheting both fulfill me. They are who I am, and I am not ashamed to admit it! They make me feel whole, able to be the person I want to be and at the same time tie me to my childhood, when I first learned to do both. They allow me to let my creativity flourish and I get to share this with others, through teaching the crafts and by sharing what I can make from bits a string called yarn. To me they are magical.

  • Knitting makes me feel better because it allows me time to do something for myself without feeling guilty about not attending to projects for work, completing household chores or other duties, because my needle time, in addition to providing relaxation and therapy, produces charitable donations, gifts, additions to my wardrobe, useful household items and beautiful decorative items and art objects.

  • Crochet really does it for me, I also knit but crochet is my number one love. It gives me a sense of purpose in life and a feeling that nothing is impossible to accomplish. I learned a very long time ago from some friends in elementary school, but stopped after school let out for the summer. I had no one to teach me anything more and easily became distracted. Now some 28 years later I have found a renewed love for it, and even better this time I taught myself how to read patterns. The creativity is endless as well as my love for it.I hope to one day to show my daughters how to crochet or knit but that is up to them. My mother told me once that my grandmother from Finland would crochet doilies, sorry to say I never got the chance to know her she pasted away long before I was even thought of, but when I crochet I feel a connection through time and a feeling of pride.

  • Knitting and Crocheting make me better because working as a 911 dispatcher sometimes makes me cranky and stressed out, and when I start feeling that way, I think about what project I’m going to work on when I get home, and I feel better! Knowing that there is something out there that allows me to be creative and meditative is the best feeling1

  • Knitting and Crocheting makes me better at life. I thank god for the talents he has given me. I work with high school students and they see me knitting or crocheting all the time. I have shown some of them how to knit and crochet. I feel good when I am making prayer shawls for church as well.

  • Crocheting makes me better at remembering the small things in my life that are important. Taking the time to smell the flowers and ignore the weeds- taking the time to enjoy my family and grandsons because life is fleeting, and unlike a missed stitch- you can’t take it back.

  • Knitting makes me a better person because as I get lost in the repetitive work, I am able to organize my thoughts and get a clear picture of who I am, where I came from and where I am going. I especially like to think about the women in my family in past generations. It amazes me that even though technology has become a way of life, there is still something that I do that my great great grandmother would have done the same way. I must knit every day or I feel something is missing!

  • they both make be feel good because I am involved in something creative. My Aunt taught me how to crochet and from there I learned how to knit. They are both calming and have a meditive effect for me.

  • Crocheting makes me better because every stitch I make keeps me from smoking. Which allows me to be creative and make beautiful things for the people in my life. Knitting makes be better because it challenges my aging brain and hands.

  • Crocheting makes me better because it gives me a sense of connection to others. I can make a small difference in the world by donating my crocheted items to charity or selling them to benefit one. When I give something handmade to a friend or family member, I can’t help but feel a strong connection since I selected that particular item especially for them and thought about them as I was crocheting it. I like to say that there’s “love in every stitch.”

  • Crocheting makes me better because it has allowed to me to discover a creativity I never knew existed. I picked it up as something to do while my hubby watches television, and I never looked back.

  • Knitting makes me better because it calms my inner core like meditation or counting rosary beads. Knitting helps me with being more patient with myself and others around me. I wouldn’t be who I am today without knitting.

  • Crocheting relaxes me. When I crochet I just zone out and feel so much more relaxed. I have made many friends from crocheting – in person and online. Many of the these friends have helped thru hard times. Having friends who have the same addiction I do is great.

  • The art of Knitting and Crochet make me feel better because…it encourages others to view me as angelic while relishing in their gift! Selfish, in a good way. 😉

  • crocheting is a constant reminder to me that no matter how ugly life and get, I can always add something of beauty to it.

  • The art of crochet makes me better in many ways: it brings me in contact with others, keeps my mind alert, gives me a venue for saying a thoughtful “thank you”, and crochet allows me to make contributions to several good causes. I am more confident & productive because of crochet.

  • Knitting makes me better because it soothes my soul.When I have had a stressful day I can knit and it gives me peace of mind in addition to making something that can be given as a gift. It also takes me back to my childhood when my great-grandmother and grandmother taught me to knit and to enjoy the end results.

  • Crocheting and knitting make me better because I’m reminded every time I do it that it is a unique connection that I have with not just my other crafty friends, but most I’ll never know. Most of us learned from or because of someone dear to us. That in itself created a special relationship. From there, most of us go on to teach or give to others, furthering that extraordinary link. Whether I crochet and knit to relax, pass the time waiting, make a gift for a friend, or create a treasured piece for someone in need, I know that I’m not the only one doing it. Somewhere, someone is doing the very same thing at the very same moment and that’s why crocheting and knitting make me better.

  • Crochet makes us better! We started a crochet club in my classroom at school, we are making beanies, bibs, and washcloths and putting them into packets for a local hospital. This teaches the students the value of giving and it also teaches them to read patterns which helps in critical thinking and math skills. It has made me a better and more patient teacher by sitting with these kids and interacting with them while we work on patterns together. It has a created a bond between students that would normally not even give each the time of day. Now they sit together and work peacefully.

  • crochet is a constant reminder that no matter how ugly life gets, I can always add something of beauty to it.

  • Knitting makes be better because it:

    1) feeds my curiosity and eagerness to learn (Norwegian cast-on!?);
    2) connects me to my ancestral mothers(Aran cables, anyone?);
    3) strengthens my discipline and patience (yet another gauge swatch?);
    4) pushes me to refine my own style (beret or cloche?);
    5) stretches me to help others (from baby blankets to winter hats);
    6) coaxes me into friendship with wise, witty women all over the world!

  • The five top ways knitting makes me better:
    *Creating a connection between the generations of our family’s knitters;
    *Allowing me to be sociable with my husband in the evenings while he watches TV, otherwise I would be reading and not responding;
    *De-stressing after 60 hour work weeks, enabling me to be a calmer person to be around;
    *Creating projects for my children and grandchildren that let them know how much I love them;
    *Enabling me to donate to those in need of warm, cozy hats or scarves

  • Crochet makes me better because it “Talks Me Down”. It keeps my hands busy and turns my mind to something else so I have time to think and not just react to situations. It reduces my stress and the finished product makes me feel good about myself.

  • I find knitting and crocheting make me a better person because love is crafted into every stitch. It is an expression of love like no other craft, and with care, the item (scarf, hat, blanket, shawl, etc) will last for a long time. I am learning both to knit and to crochet from Lion Brand Yarn’s online resources and hope to teach them one day to my granddaughter. Thank you Lion Brand Yarn for your great quality and for enhancing my life!!

  • Crocheting makes me better because it calms me down. I am a stay at home mom of four and when I begin to lose my cool or feel stressed I can pick up one of the many projects I am working on and begin to relax. As I am crocheting each stitch, I can think about things I need to think about and come to resolutions. Crocheting is my outlet. I love to see projects go from a skein of yarn to a beautiful blanket, purse, hat, scarf, skirt, shirt, whatever I may be making. I guess the bottom line is that crocheting makes me better because it calms me down, slows me down, and makes me happy.

  • I feel like I am a better person as knitting has given me many gifts. A good teacher was the first step in the better me she was very pateint with me even though I knitted so tight I amost broke the needles. In time I losen up. My next gift I met all kinds of people from diffrent walks of life I grew intelectually from this. Then the next gift was my calling I now make prayer shawls and give them away to those that are in need. I must add that Loin Brand has made this mimistry possable as their yarn is good yarn at an aforable price and now that they are comming out with the kind of yarns you use to only find at yarn shops our shawls are fancier. I am very greatful to the gift of knitting and because of it I am a better person and I am able to deal with everything on my plate right now as it helps with my stress too.

  • Knitting AND crocheting make me a better person because I make many items to be given as gifts – so there is a double joy – one in the making, the second in the gifting.

    I enjoy yarn crafting so much, it calms me down when I’m nervous, it keeps me occupied throughout the day (now that I’m medically retired), I always have something to look forward to – new yarn, new project, the way the colors work out as I’m crafting, designing simple patterns of my own. It causes me to grow as I customize designs or sizes in patterns created by others. I also have taught all me nieces and one grandson to knit and/or crochet. It also helps keep me connected with others as I am often a “go-to” person for people with knitting/crocheting problems and questions.

    Oh yes, my little obsession is a really good one to have!

  • Knitting makes me better because (1) it is great therapy for me, having lived through a major clinical depression, (2) it satisfies my need to be creative, (3) it keeps my hands occupied while I spend time with my five year old grandson who lives with me and tests my sanity sometimes, (4) it allows me to make warm and loving gifts from the heart for my loved ones, (5) sitting still and enjoying the rhythm of knitting row after row keeps me calm which is good for my blood pressure, (6) it gives me the joy of helping children learn this craft. I could go on and on…and on!

  • Knitting and crocheting makes me better, I realized when my 3-year-old baby was diagnosed with leukemia this summer. I sat in the corner of the hospital room learning to knit quietly hoping to be invisible so to avoid nurses and visitors questioning me or trying to make polite conversation. On the contrary (and suprisingly!) it sparked MORE questions and conversations. Nurses wanted to know what I was working on and came close to inspect my progress. It became an ice-breaker and though many, many tears were shed, I found that I did need others support and having that knit project in my hands gave me a reason to connect with people when I much rather would’ve crawled under the bed and disappeared.

  • Knitting makes me better because before I knew how to knit, I didn’t contribute much at all to my family. I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. Now that I have begun to knit, I am giving back to my family in a huge way. I am clothing their backs, entertaining the children with toys, and providing necessary home items (dish cloths, bags, etc.). Giving them items made with love. And that makes both them and me very happy.

  • Crochet made me better and has given me the sense of accomplishment . I’m self taught and learned while recovery from surgery in the late ’90s. Knowing how to make some lovely doilies and now wearable gifts for family and friends is one way of my love to always be with them. I enjoy being creative and have many swatches I’ve made over the past 30 years. Recently for both our girls, I made them unique Day of the Dead scarves for their October birthdays. I’ve learn so much and of the three pastimes I enjoy, crocheting is and will always be number one.

  • I love knitting because it gave me back the use of my left hand, the joy and the confidence in myself.
    I learned to knit from my mom, and when I retired I loved to knit for my two grandchildren who proudly wear them, but in 2003 I got the Shingles damaging the nervous of my left hand, I could hardly move my fingers, could not handle anything and the pain was unbearable and lasted for many months.
    I was told that I must use the left hand trying to do what I enjoyed most. I started to knit. Every stitch was painful and difficult, but I push and push, very slow but I did it.
    Now, I do not knit as good as before, but I do. My hand recuperated its movements almost completely and that is why I can say:

  • I’m sorry if I changed: “Knitting makes me better”, for I Love Knitting; but really, “Knitting made me better”

  • Crocheting makes me better because it is one of the things that I can control in my life. It is a great way to ease my anxiety. I was just recently taught by a friend & found such a sense of accomplishment when I see the finished product. I plan on continuing making the hats, scarves that I love to make & donate them. That gives me such great joy knowing that it may be a nice gift.

  • Crochet makes me better both mentally and physically. Mentally it provides me with stress relief. It is calming and almost meditative in the repetitive nature of the stitching. It also contributes to making me better physically. Four years ago I had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. Since then I have had numerous complications, the treatments for which often include a requirement to rest. Crochet is the perfect activity for ‘resting’ as it keeps my hands and mind busy, it is a creative outlet and it is fulfilling to produce something that someone will appreciate. I love to crochet while listening to music or to an audio book. I taught myself to crochet post transplant and have concentrated mostly on chemo caps, amigurumi animals and small, quick to complete items for charities. These projects have mostly been crocheted freestyle. I’m ready now to move on to following a pattern; a cardigan for my daughter.

  • Knitting makes me better because I am a more confident, joyful, and loving person when I knit.

  • Knitting makes me better for many reasons: creativity, gifting, and the joy of learning new skills. But my favorite aspect of it is how it slows me down to a human pace and connects me with needlwomen of the past.

  • Knitting makes me better because it has been one of the many small changes I have made in my life to fight depression. I have always had trouble finishing what I start and in turn, would be very hard on myself. With knitting, I have been able to give myself reasonable goals and complete them! While knitting, I am able to continually be encouraged by watching the project unfold and become something beautiful. You could almost say that knitting has had a part in saving my life.
    And, I just love that you can make just about anything from two simple tools such as needs and yarn!

  • Knitting makes me better because it is a way for me to serve others. I make prayer shawls for individuals who are facing various challenges in their lives. This year, I also made some scarves and hats for the “mitten tree” at Christmas time. (I knit on a loom so I don’t make mittens!)Knitting for these ministries is fulfilling and the process is relaxing for me, too.

  • Knitting makes me better because it connects me with family and friends. I recently visited with some family in Kansas City MO, who I only get to see once a year. Therefore I really don’t get to know the children who grow up so fast. During my visit this year I was able to knit rugs for Loren’s new doll house, a blanket for Abby’s favorite doll and fingerless mitts for Landon. Now they have something to remember me by. I was thrilled when Loren (5 years) asked if I would teach her to knit.
    Of course I will when she is a little older. Knitting Gave us closeness we might not have developed, a point of contact between generation.
    Anything that dose that makes me a better person!

  • Crochet makes me a better person, because I have learned to finish things that I start.. no matter what it is. The end result of my projects have become so inspiring that it motives me to create a sort of “crochet philosophy” for my life. Enough so that I think I could write a book on it!

  • Crocheting makes me better because of the peace it instills in me, allowing my heart to refill with love to return to the community and the patients I care fore.
    Crocheting makes me better because I learned patience, giving, creativity, inspiration, and to communicate without language.
    Crocheting makes me better because it makes the world better.

  • Crochet makes me better because it helps take the focus off daily problems and on to making something beautiful for others. I take great delight in seeing the joy on family and friend’s faces when presented with a gift made just for them. When crocheting for others it helps me strive to be better in my craft and therefore focusing less on myself.

  • Knitting helps me relax and keeps me from snacking. As long as my hands are busy I am content.

  • Knitting and crocheting makes me better because of what I can make for others in need. It brings joy to both of us. I cherish it because of who taught me when I was but a child. I am grateful.

  • Knitting makes me better because:
    it makes me feel good about myself when I make hats for the homeless and chemotherapy patients;
    it helps me show my love for my friends through my knitted gifts of afghans, shawls, hats and toys;
    it offers a friend a little warmth and kindness through a prayer shawl, made after the death of her son;
    it helps me be green by using plarn and yarns together to make great shopping bags, backpacks, and wine bags;
    it keeps my fingers busy and so away from the refrigerator door!

  • Crochet makes me better…It keep my mind and hands busy and the out put is a beautiful creation…that makes me happy…and if i gift it to someone it makes them happy….

  • Crochet and knitting make me better because it connects me, like so many others
    To my family
    From my grandmother who taught me
    Through my gifts to them
    And to future family who want to learn the craft
    To my friends
    In the form of endless hand-made presents, some for no reason at all
    To other knitters and crocheters
    Through conversations about all things yarn and project
    In our efforts to cloth, pamper, and care for those in need
    Whom I’d have never met without knowing how to knit and crochet
    In a yarn shop
    At church
    At a yarn convention
    Most I’ll never meet
    Through various charity efforts across the globe
    To those in need
    Of a hat and mittens
    Of a washcloth for their face
    Of a blanket for warmth
    Of sometimes nothing more than a simple “I’m thinking of you”
    But mostly to myself in the form of
    Endless creativity
    A little less stress
    A little less thinking of myself, and more of others
    Warmer hands
    And of course, a warmer heart.

  • Crocheting makes me better because I can say ‘I love and value you’ without saying a word. It is all intricately woven into the thread or yarn of the gift I have given to you dear and beloved friend (or family)!

  • Crocheting makes me better; how fun it is to make and give homemade gifts to family, friends, and volunteer organizations. I crochet 6X9 rectangles for the Handmade Afghan Project which is a volunteer group that makes and distributes homemade afghans to our wounded warriers. Giving away crochet gifts is my way of saying “Thank You”, “I love you”, “You are special to me”, and that just makes me feel so good inside.

  • Knitting makes me better because it provides a safe haven for my mind, a virtual refuge, a calm spot in the center of whatever storm may be brewing around me, and gives me the mental space to sort things out.

  • I love everything about working with yarn. Knitting can be very intense and keep my mind occupied or it can be “mindless” and relax me. My projects make me feel productive and creative . When I give someone something I made it feels like I am giving my love with it.

  • Crocheting makes me better because it allows me to make handmade gifts for my friends and family that they really appreciate.

  • Knitting makes me better because it provides something for me to do to keep my hands busy.While waiting for my mom to complete her dialysis treatments I’m usually found in the lobby ( in colder weather ) working on my latest project.I have inspirired other knitters and a few crocheters to pick up their needles and hooks again.It’s nice to share my projects with others ( including some of the patients ).We swap stories of past projects and give each other ideas for new projects too.This is time well spent giving me a greater opportunity to do charity knitting.

  • Knitting makes me better because it allows me to connect with others and knit thoughts and prayers into each article I make for them. It allows me to relax and relieves the accumulated stresses of the day

  • Knitting makes me better because it does several things for me all at the same time: knitting allows me to express my creativity and attention to detail, keep my hands busy during otherwise idle time (like during long road trips or when watching television), gives me gratification because I’ve made progress or learned something new, and when it’s all finished I have something that I can give away with love. What is better than that? <3

  • Knitting makes me feel better because I enjoy it -it’s as simple as that! It’s good for my hands because I have arthritis so by knititng I exercise my hands and my brain, it keeps me busy so I’m never bored, it’s great fun and I’m so excited when I see what a lovely thing I’ve made. When I give a knitted article to someone as a gift or contribution (about 90% of what I make), they are so appreciative. It makes me feel good that I made someone happy. It’s also so portable. I take it where ever I go. I’ve been knitting for about 60 years. I teach it and have made some very good friends and I feel so good when they are happy because of what they’ve made – because I taught them how to do it.

  • Knitting makes me better because it gives me a point of calm in a world of chaos. I am allowed to share that calm in the items that I share with others and with the friends I teach to knit.

  • Crochet and knitting make me better because I use my brain to figure out patterns and changes to patterns, I sit still for a little while and focus only the work in my hands, and while I work with my hands, I am not eating or watching TV.

  • Knitting, crocheting and Loom knitting makes me feel better because I have a very stressfull job, and with life so busy, you need something to relax, unwind, and what fun is to make something for someone who really can use it. I have R arthritis since I was 15 years old, I credit doing crocheting to keeping my fingers and hands in tip top shape!

    Thanks for all the newsletters, free patterns and comics and stories!

    Carrie Putzier

  • Crocheting makes me better because I have used my talent to please others, to clothe them, to decorate their homes and my own, to help people, mostly babies, that I have never seen, yet my crocheted blanket or premie hat was made for them. I’ve also pleased myself and enjoyed many hours of creative work while listening to an audio book or enjoying the quiet. I’m so glad I know how to crochet.

  • Crocheting and knitting make me better because I am creating something beautiful with my hands and heart.

  • Knitting and crocheting makes me better because the simple act of manipulating string calms me, brings joy to my life and to others and provides me a way of giving back.

  • Crocheting makes me better because I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I complete a project, or even just when I’m trying a new pattern. This is a feeling that I don’t get from other aspects in my life, and crocheting gives those feelings back to me.

  • Knitting makes me better because is helps me to slow down and appreciate life. After the end of a hectic day when I’m running from the bus to the train to get home knitting helps me to calm down while waiting for my next connection. It is also a nice way to get to know people on my commute home so the whole journey becomes a nice positive event.

  • Crocheting makes be better because throughout my life it has continued to be a respite from the trials and tribulations of each day. It brings me peace. It is an outlet for my creativity. It has allowed me to touch many lives through charity blankets for Warm Up America (over a thousand donated ghrough the Walnut, Ca. group). And most of all, to shre the art of crochet with my daughters, so they can also enjoy the peace, creativity and the opportunity to touch others.

  • Knitting makes me better because it helps me to appreciate the simple things. In our fast paced society, knitting brings me back to a simpler time. The idea that I take string of yarn and a pair of wooden needles and turn it into something tangible remains novel, no matter how many times I do it.

  • Knitting makes me better – Since beggining to knit again for the first time in many years, I am feeling more whole (if that’s possible) by tapping into my creative side and giving me this stress outlet. I started knitting again because a womens ministry was started at church where we are knitting 8 inch squares to be given to a South African charity for orphans. There they will assemble into blankets for the children. It is a very gratifying experience to know that what I am creating with my humble hands can be warming to another person.

  • Knitting makes me better because it helps to remind me to slow down in life and to make sure that I make time for myself. Being a SAHM of 4 with 3 children below the ages of 3, I rarely have time to myself. I use that time to often reflect on my day it’s also often an opportunity for me to share a special time with the 2 older children as I teach them the craft of knitting. Nothing is more gratifying than the time spent with my children and also seeing a completed project by them that I have taught. I want to thank you for offering such wonderful patterns for free, it definitely helps myself and other families that are on a tighter budget. I look forward to the newsletter every week. Thank you Lion Brand 🙂

  • Crocheting makes me better because every Sunday, my mother and I have crochet circle with just the two of us. I bring my work and proudly show her what I’ve been working on and we talk and crochet for hours on end! I wouldn’t trade Sundays for a lifetime of free yarn!

  • Crocheting makes me better because it explores my creativity, discovers my talent, the colors keeps me fresh even if im crocheting at midnight, gives me happiness when i see the beautiful project in paper come live in my hands and a spellbound satisfaction when I see a smile in the face of the person who got this(crocheted project) as a gift from me.

  • Crochet makes me better as a person, calms me, and give me a purpose. As I discovered this past week with no (absolutely none, zelch, helpme) time to crochet, as it is now Friday, and I have only looked at it and not stitched one stitched, how much I totally miss it. Crocheting completes my day. I can’t wait to get home and sit down and crochet. My fingers actually itch wanting to work. I feel such accomplishment when I finish a project, learn a new stitch or am able to give away work. This past week as really strengthened my love for crocheting.

  • Knitting makes me better because of connection — conneting with my commmunity of knitters, sharing our interests and sharing new skills, connecting with my family as I customize a special gift, and connecting with myself to be in the moment, to feel the rthym of the stitches and of my own breathe.

  • Crocheting makes me better because I have a finished product when I am done unlike the laundry and meals for seven which are never ending tasks. As a homeschooling mom of five kids I rarely see immediate results in the lives that I am investing, but knitting or crochet work leave me with a sense of accomplishment where I can truly say “I did it, and I’m done!” Then I can give it away for someone else to enjoy.

  • Knitting and crochet make me a better person in many ways. It feeds a spirit of giving. In our society it is easy to become very “self” focused. But, when I see a knitting pattern or yarn, my first thoughts are of whom I could make something for. It also promotes patience. If I’m going to be waiting somewhere- doctors office, ballet class etc, I bring along a knit/crochet project to pass the time. And, I hope it is making my children better people by teaching them a little self reliance and independence. Showing them that if we can make warm, beautiful things for ourselves and others with just a couple sticks and string, we don’t need to be so reliant on impersonal factories in some other country to provide us with what some designer, that has never met us, thinks is “fashionable”.

  • Knitting makes me better for many reasons. I have a severe panic disorder and my hands shake constantly. When I knit, it achieves several different outcomes and positive results. I become more relaxed, my hands stay busy so I don’t notice the shaking, I have homemade gifts for family and friends, and additional gifts to donate to local hospitals needing shawls, scarves, beanies, etc, and it allows me to be creative and express myself through different colors and textures. My grandmother taught me and, when they are older, I cannot wait to teach my daughters! For me, knitting is beneficial to my mental health and to my soul!

  • Knitting makes me better by providing me with an outlet for positive and affirming nonverbal expression. As a person with Asperger’s Syndrome–a high-functioning form of autism–I find that I often struggle to express my feelings to others: particularly love and gratitude, the two feelings that merit disclosure most urgently. As a result, I experience a great deal of social anxiety–which, unfortunately, only serves to heighten the sensory discomfort and other physical agitations common to autistic disorders. Knitting functions for me as a positive nervous-system stimulant, which provides me with a focal point for concentration and helps to ease my social and sensory anxiety: more importantly, knitting provides me with a way to produce individualized and heartfelt gifts for the people I care about, helping me to tangibly express the love and gratitude I find it so very difficult to communicate in words.

  • I learned to crochet in high school. When my grandchildren ask me to make something ‘special’ for them, my heart ‘pounds’ a bit harder. Actually, when they were younger, each one of them asked me to ‘teach’ them to ‘…do what you do grandms’. Crocheting allows me to create, experiment with stitches/patterns, to produce a unique and useful, and most importantly, loved, article. Every new ‘project’ allows me to find the ‘perfect’ yarn in the ‘best’ color for the receipient. I’ve sell many children’s sweaters, dresses, and tops. That experience is ‘so special’…to know that my work is sought after and special requests are filled. I LOVE to crochet, and will continue to expand my knowledge and experience with it. In fact, I love all crafts, but find that crocheting is the most relaxing/rewarding ‘craft’ I have ever done. Give it try…you won’t be sorry.

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  • I too crochet for relaxation, but it also helps my carpal tunnel. I type for a living and my carpal tunnel gets bad sometimes, and crocheting seems to alleviate the pain.

  • Getting back into knitting brought me to a peaceful, meditative place which helped me get through the sudden death of my 41 year old son and helped me to remain a meaningful part of my family and friends lives. It kept me grounded, gave me purpose and instilled the spark of hope.

    Through this process, I have met many new friends and have been able to give handmade gifts to loved ones as well as to others unknown through charitable knitting.

    Thank you Lion Brand for the “Incredible” ribbon yarn as it stopped me in my tracks when wandering the local craft store. It piqued my interest and became my first project as a reborn knitter.

  • They make me better because they relax.

  • I enjoy the craft through happy times and bad, it’s spiritual, meditative and relaxing. But in the course of a day, those days when the work is unpleasant or long, when people are unkind or when the news is bad and you feel a little warped, I can take out a hook and some yarn in a crowd of commuters or sit on a bench in the park or in a coffee shop and quickly quiet my mind. Even the people around me are affected. The conversation becomes one of common interest and fond remembrances of grandmas and their afghans. I have met my best friends through this addictive hobby, have learned new knowledge and new interests beyond the yarn, people and ideas I can keep for a lifetime. Now can’t see my life without yarn in my hands, but then again, can say the same thing about my cats ~;o)

  • Knitting and crocheting totally relax me. They are the most therapeutic things in the world for me to do when I have had a hectic or stressful day. They are just as good as getting into a nice, hot tub of water, after a totally hectic day! Then, there’s the fact that knitting and crocheting allow me to be a blessing to others (i.e. preemie babies, or cancer patients, or gifts to family members). Occasionally I will add something spectacular to my own wardrobe or household! Right now, for instance, I am making new dishclothes for my home. They are so much better than the store-bought ones! So, knitting and crocheting are a plus all across the board, for me.

  • Knitting and chrochet make me feel better, because it is one of my ways of relaxing. Sometimes I sit outside in the sun with it for an hour, and other times I keep my fingers busy whilst in front of the TV.
    I am a very productive person and I enjoy experimenting with new patterns, and using up old wool.. I also feel that I am making good use of my spare time. I once tried to mimmick an older sister who would Knit(Aran)whilst having her breakfast, reading a book, and her pattern at the same time which would be propped up in front of her.

  • Knitting (and crocheting) make me a better person in so many different ways. The act of knitting is calming, it allows me to engage my creativity, make garments for myself, my family and others. It engages my brain and helps keep it active, learning new skills and patterns. It keeps my arthritic fingers active. I can make unique gifts for others in an inexpensive fashion (my thrifty New England heritage kicking in there). Knitting, in this instance, blocks for Warm Up America, allows me to do for others, even if I have no idea where those blocks will end up. For those reasons and so many more, knitting and crocheting do make me a better person.

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  • Crocheting makes me better because it makes people smile when I give them handmade gifts, makes them surprised, and makes them say, “But you’re so young!” (I’m 23 =))

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  • knitting makes me better because, each stitch I take reminds me that each moment I spend with my family is so precious and the stitches help to cherish even the smallest moments. Just as I cherish every stitch I take is so precious as part of the whole sweater, hot pad or afghan that I make!

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