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Do You Knit?

Over the years I’ve spoken to thousands of knitters and crocheters at churches, libraries, golf clubs, and even Panera Bread. The number one question I have received is, "Do you knit?"

My response is simply, “I’ve taken a lot of lessons.” And that is the truth. I have taken many lessons given by many different teachers and I have half a scarf to prove it! If nothing else, the experience has deepened my appreciation for the skill.

Many men over the years have knitted and as I travel I do see it from time to time. We at Lion Brand encourage male knitters with a Men’s Night at our NYC Studio. This provides a fun space for men to practice their craft, develop their skills, and make a few like-minded friends.

In the spirit of men who knit, here is a compilation of the photos I have collected on the subject over the years; how many of these faces can you recognize?


Are you a man who knits or crochets? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  • Jeremy Hill

    My mother taught me to crochet around the age of 10 as an alternative to going outside in the snow and to keep me occupied. I've been doing it since. I love making things for people and seeing the joy and surprise on their faces when I give them an afghan or a hat. I like teaching those who wish to learn how to crochet, but few have stuck with it and continued beyond basic items and basic stitches.

  • Janet Fletcher-Meyer

    I am not a man. So I should not comment. BUT, I would be proud to know any man who knits, crochets or does any of the other needlecrafts for that matter.