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Do It In Public This Saturday

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Do It In Public This Saturday

This Saturday is World Wide Knit In Public Day 2008. Go ahead and crochet too please. We know the difference but most people don’t. It wasn’t too long ago, in the late nineties, when there was a lot of talk on the internet about people having the unpleasant experience of being ridiculed when they knit in public. We’ve come a long way baby. . . .

Send us your comments on Monday and tell us where you did it!

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  • WWKIPD is on Saturday, June 14th. Just thought I’d point it out. I’ll be at the Regional Market in our city….there’s a farmers market there each week…so lots of traffic!

  • Thanks, Dreamy! We changed it to Saturday.

  • Hi,
    My mom and I were going to the knit out in public in our hometown, but unfortuantely it rained so we weren’t able to go. However though we sat on our porch and crocheted outside. It turned out to be nice and relaxing. I was disappointed that we couldn’t make it to the WWKIP that was scheduled, but we had a nice time at home and ate peach cobbler during the time we crocheted. By the way is WWKIP every year? Since I’ve been getting your newsletters-this was the first I ever heard of it and I like the idea. Who knows I might host one in my front yard next year.

    Zontee says: Hi Harriett, WWKIP has happened for the last few years and hopefully will keep happening. Check their website ( for more information.

  • I knit in public all the time. That said, I love sharing knitting with anyone, anytime. Knit in Public Day and opening day of the Colorado Renaissance Festival generally fall on the same day. Therefore, with knitting in hand and dressed in an Italian period dress off I went. I am a volunteer with a greyhound rescue group, so I sit and talk about the dogs and knit as I do. I am that sorry that no one got a picture of me in garb with a cable needle tucked.

    The only thing that disappointed me was that the spinning demonstrators employed by the Festival were unaware that it was Knit in Public Day. They probably will remember for next year and will try to get it into the publicity for the Festival, which would be very kewl…

  • I did knit in public on Sunday. I knit at church while my husband was at a meeting. However, I always knit in public when I can to educate people that knitting IS different than crocheting. I also knit in public to make people aware that they can do something for someone by knitting cancer caps or Chemo Caps, and soft washcloths. I knit at dentists’ offices, doctors’ offices, waiting for people, or at events, anywhere I travel, and any place there is time and room to knit. Many think I crochet because I knit Continental Style. I challenge others to take their knitting to doctors’ and dentists’ offices or any where there is room and time to knit.

  • On WWKIP day I was knitting in 2 different airports, as well as in at Rafters Raw Bar in St. Simon, GA. The bartender asked me what I was knitting (a sock) and didn’t believe me when I told him it was World Wide Knitting in Public Day. He thought I had made it up!

  • I didn’t know it was knit-in-public day on June 14, and just read that. But I usually knit in public (although I’m mostly the only one I see), and that day, I knit for hours at my son’s graduation ceremony at the University of Washington stadium. I was actually knitting the Tree of Life KAL and am now on the last section of trees….

  • I knit in public every chance I get. I didn’t know the 13th was The Day to do it, but today (June 20th) I brought my knitting project along while my 7 year old was at a birthday party. The moms were sitting in the shade, visiting and watching the kids. I pulled out the teddy bear I’m knitting and began to knit away, and it was fun to see people’s reactions. Even a 7 year old came up to me (don’t even know the kid) and asked me what I was making. My friends want to learn how when they see me doing it.

  • I croche everywhere. I do it at school when I am helping in the AR program and at my kids practices and games. I have been getting my project ideas from what the kids ask me for. Most of the stuff I make I give to the kids and adults who ask if I can make something. I have even had other mothers bring their projects also to sit and work with me. I have made lots of new friends this way and the kids love that they get to keep the things I make.

  • I’m quite late in replying, but wanted to share. I didn’t know about WWKIP either, but am always crocheting in public. At parks, Dr. offices, camping trips, etc. My favorite place? The casinos in Deadwood! I find gambling boring and hate to waste the money. So I sit and crochet while my husband enjoys himself. The best part is that I get half of his winnings. That means more yarn!

  • I never knew there was a WWKIP day! That is quite exciting and it seems that I am always the last to know… that much I am alright on. I don’t knit… something about two needles… can’t figure it out… I have been crocheting for sometime now and I do that in public but everyone thinks that it is knitting… I like to share the differences between them… I believe though that the biggest suprise for anyone is that I am young and do it… I think that I will have to mark the calendar and make sure that I am out and about next year with my crochet in hand!

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