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DIY Needle Threader

Needle Threader for Yarn

The wonderful thing about Facebook is that it allows us to share ideas in a great way where both Lion Brand staff and other Lion Brand fans can benefit.  Our fan Kathi posted this unique tip for making your own heavy duty needle threader.

After breaking a couple of the standard wire threaders with yarn, which is too thick, Kathi decided to make her own.  She took a plastic lid and cut it into strips narrow enough to fit through a large-eyed blunt needle.  Then she used a hole-puncher to punch the hole for the yarn.  You could easily do this project with cardstock!

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  • Karen Fox

    Please tell me how to use the curve shaped yarn needle threaders. Why are they curved or angled? Under what conditions should these be used? The article was originally from a Facebook article, and included in the 10-25-09 newsletter. Thank you.

    <em>Zontee says: Hi Karen, I don't think there are any specific "conditions" under which you should use these. I think that the creator of them was just experimenting with different shapes to see which ones worked best for her as she threaded her yarn into her large-eyed blunt needle.</em>

  • Carole Hart

    I wonder if you could make these needle threaders from the excess slats from miniblinds?

    <em>Lindsey says: Hi Carole, I'm sure you could try it, just be careful about cutting the blinds as they might be sharp once cut. If you try it let us know how it goes.

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