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Discovering the Land of Lost Knitting & Crochet Tools

One of the best parts of YarnCraft, our knitting & crochet podcast, is that we get to hear from you — our listeners and Lion Brand users — and get stories, inspiration, and ideas from you to share with others. (My co-host) Liz and I always enjoy hearing (and sharing) your stories. This week, we got a great e-mail from long-time listener and active YarnCraft community member Josh:

Hi Liz and Zontee,

When you had talked about my post on an earlier episode regarding how my craft room is set up, I had written about the mythical stargate that swallows my tape measure and scissors. You took it a step further to liken it to the Island of Lost Toys, which inspired this article I wrote for Crochet Insider… hope you get a giggle out of it.

All my love to you both,

We thought it was so much fun we wanted to share the article with you. Click here to read it.

If you want to hear Josh’s original story, listen to episode 22 — Your Yarncrafting Sanctuary — by clicking here. Josh’s story is about 8:40 into the episode.

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  • I found the Crochet Insider article via Ravelry this weekend…loved it and oh so true! I shudder to think how many complete sets of hooks I really do have 😉

  • What a great post!

    My sister and I had a “Craft Weekend” retreat this past weekend and made your wrapped hangers. So much fun! Thank you again for the pattern. Your cotton yarn colors are just amazing!


  • Thanks for a good laugh. Although, once you go out and buy that new hook the old one gets jealous and returns from Yarnia.

  • Looking for the pattern for the 2 crocheted world globes that
    appeared in the Oct. Lion Newsletter by e-mail. They were pictured next to the International Shipping announcement.


    Zontee says: Hi Chloe, they’re not crocheted. They are yarn balls with maps digitally photoshopped onto them. Also, please note that comments should only be left on blog posts to which they relate, so that they can help other readers. If you have questions about patterns, products, or other Lion Brand media, please e-mail

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