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Discover Our NEW Pattern Journal Newsletter

Are you a fan of our popular Weekly Stitch newsletter, which goes out every Friday? Do you love the stories and patterns that it features? If so, you'll want to check out our newest monthly newsletter, Pattern Journal. 

If you're someone who wonders about the stories behind the patterns, then this is the newsletter for you. Each issue features a story that evoke the mood of a particular pattern. Click here to see our first issue.

Like the newsletter? Add it to your LionBrand.com subscriptions by clicking here.

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  • Ana Huron

    Oh my! I loved the first Journal story by Agnes Honor Auden! I'd love to read more of her....thank you for this idea...I know I'm going to love it.

  • Rev. Denise

    Does Agnes Honor Auden live in Wellfleet Cape Cod? I Am here right now, reading this story of hers while staying IN WELLFLEET and i would love to find her and say hello! Her writing is fabulous and i can smell the smells and feel the feelings!

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