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Discover Granite Stitch

Add a lot of texture with today’s scarf, courtesy of Claire!

Over the last two weeks, we’ve shared with you some of the scarves we’ve been making for our Hat & Scarf Charity Drive at the Lion Brand Yarn Studio. Today, we continue with our 8 days of scarves. Whether you’re making them as gifts or for charity, come back from now until Thanksgiving for inspiration & patterns for easy scarves from the Studio’s staff.

Claire’s Granite Relief Stitch Scarf (shown in Vanna’s Choice Navy)

CO 24

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: K4, K2tog for next 16 st, K 4
Row 3: K4, Kfb of next 16 st, K4
Row 4: K4, Purl 16, K4
Repeat these 4 rows for full length of the scarf.
Bind off and weave in ends.

*As with all of our scarf patterns shown, we only used one ball for our scarves, but you can use two and make them as long or short as you wish. Vanna’s Choice’s recommended hook size is J-10; its recommended needle size is US9.

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  • how come there are no crochet scarfs

    Zontee says: Hi Maureen, we’ve featured quite a few crochet scarves from the Studio. The first scarf of the scarf-a-day series was Gina’s Crochet Basketweave Scarf. We also had two crochet scarves in Patty & Tracey’s post, and two more in Will & Michelle’s post. There will also be more in the days to come.

  • I haven’t tried this pattern but it looks like a garter stitch edge but that isn’t in the pattern.

    Zontee says: Hi Aj, please see the part of the pattern after the cast-on that says:

    The first 4 stitches & the last 4 stitches of every row are knit
    Keeping your garter stitch edge, the following is the pattern stitch in the middle:

    Always remember that it’s important to read patterns fully.

  • What does “kfb” mean?

    Zontee says: Hi Marilyn, a quick reminder that you can find all common abbreviations we use (and click through to see how they’re done) by going to, scrolling over the “Learning Center” tab and selecting “abbreviations.

  • Never mind, figured it out.

  • I like the granite stitch. I have used it sev’l times to make baby blankets sometimes alternating it w/ a more open stitch to give a lighter look and feel to the blanket. I’ve seen dropped-stitch patterns but have not done one yet, maybe i’ll try the scarf…….like your giving us one everyday for a week……..jean

  • Is the garter stitch edging included in the 24 stitches and instructions or do we need to add additional stitches to the original 24?

    Patty says: The pattern says CO 24. That is always the total CO stitches. That would include the garter edge. In other words, 4 k stitches, 16 pattern stitches, 4 k stitches

  • Could you please tell us how long the scarf turned out to be using only one skein of Vanna’s choice. Thanks.

  • granite stitch.
    Ok, here is Row 2: K2tog across row,repeat from * to last 3 stitches.
    I understand: knit 4, 16 stitches of pattern, then knit last 4.
    So for the row 2, you knit 4, then K2tog across row, repeat from * (this is where I stopped cuz I asked myself what ‘*’). Well if you just kept doing K2tog anyway and ended up with ‘3’ ?? You are suppose to have 4 left to knit the edge. What is with the ‘3’ and what are you suppose to do with them?
    I always read my patterns first to make sure that I understand what I am doing before I pick up my needles… so can someone please help me with this row 2 ?
    And I am really doubting myself now because I have noticed that no one else has asked the same question ! 😉
    Thank you, Linda

    Patty says: The original post had a note on the top about maintaining the garter stitch edge for the first and last 4 stitches, and the four row repeat being for the middle section. Since a few people have missed this note, I have rewritten those 4 lines to include the garter edge.

  • if you don’t have the garter edging, does the scarf curl in on itself? even if did the pattern for the whole 24 (or more say). just not keen on that edging but could understand that it helps keep the structure… thanks!

    Zontee says: Hi Barb, why don’t you do a small swatch of the granite stitch and see how you like it on its own? If you find that it works well, then you don’t have to use the garter edging.

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