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Did You Know…? You Can Sort Blog Topics

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Did You Know…? You Can Sort Blog Topics

Did you know that you can read blog posts only on the topics you are interested in?  Some of you wrote that you want to read about crocheting but not knitting (or visa versa.) Maybe you want to look at the history of the “knit-alongs” or look at the off-beat news from the “yarniverse”.  To read posts on just those topics, just look at the right sidebar under the word “categories.”  Click on the topic you want to follow and read all about it.

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  • I managed to make it through 16 rows of the pattern today, but my hand in throbbing. I think 8 rows a day may be a more reasonable goal. I didn’t find the pattern too difficult, but after about 8 rows my attention starts to wander.
    If you’d like to see how I’m doing I’ve started a blog to track my progress.

    Zontee says: Hi Chris, please note for the future that you should leave comments on the blog posts on which they relate — do so by clicking on the comments link BELOW the blog post. Thanks.

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