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Did You Knit In Public?

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Did You Knit In Public?

Last weekend was part 1 of World Wide Knit In Public Day.  If you participated, tell us where you knitted and what the scene was like.  This weekend is the final weekend of the event.  If it’s still raining where you are, remember there’s always your local Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, or mall.  Share the time and place here and maybe you’ll find some people to join you!

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  • Yes, I knit in public at two separate events last Saturday.
    First, at the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles with the West Hollywood Stitch ‘n Bitch. There were about 15 of us in attendance and we had a great time.

    Second, I met with the Fairview Knitters of Santa Monica at Clover Park. We sat in the middle of the park and attracted many people while we knit.

    It was a beautiful day in Southern California, perfect for knitting and crocheting in public!

  • I crochet in public just about every day. On the bus, on the train, at work, at the park, at the diner…any place I can sit down and have a minute.

  • I knit/crochet while camping, in the car, on the deck, at picnics, and tonight I will crochet while watching our high school graduation.

  • I always knit on my lunch break (I get a lot of stares, working in an industrial environment and knitting!), as well as in the car, in restaurants and pubs. Wherever I am, the knitting bag goes!

  • I knitted in public last weekend on the 13th. The scene was Panera Bread, Fashion Square Mall, Orlando, FL. A perfect place to meet due to the unseasonal temperatures and thunderstorms we have been experiencing.
    Our group moderator, arranged the location and then successfully got the work out to all the fiber, knitting and crocheting groups of Central Florida. We had over 30 knitters and crocheters over the course of the afternoon and a few were vacationing here from other parts of the US so they found us and shared the time with us.
    We had people making socks, sock blankets, beautiful lace, gift items, toys, cardigans and many more things as well. I think a great afternoon was had by all.

  • I crocheted in public on the 13th at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, LA. There was a very good crowd of knitters and they didn’t mind me joining them with my hook.

  • I always knit in public too! On planes, in cars, waiting for appointments, etc. For sure, I also knitted in public on the 13th while cheering my son on when he participated in a triathalon.

  • I knit with a group of women many Sunday’s (including the last one) at a Starbucks in downtown Zurich.

  • I have several projects going at all times, including one ‘on the go’ project like socks, that can be easily taken with. Sometimes I even knit while going for a walk, with my ball of yarn in my pocket.

  • I took my crochet project to a baseball game in round rock TX, I had several people stop and talk to me about my project, I was making a crochet top for my 8 year old dd in white cotton. My project go with me everywhere, I also crochet in cars, on planes, during soccer and baseball games(both my kids games and pro games) at my dd’s school, during swim lessons, dance lessons, you get it everywhere I will be waiting for someone.

  • I crocheted in Galt Gardens in Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada) on Saturday. It was one of those absolutely perfect days to be outside! None of the people who were supposed to join me did, but I did it anyway! And guess what – I’m doing it AGAIN this Saturday!

  • I knitted on the 13th for about two hours making a wash cloth in the middle of Times Square- New York. It was a lovely day and there were lots of people around me but no other knitters.

  • Nearly everyday at lunch at work in a cafeteria on UF’s campus. The college kids are rather accepting. My favorite time to knit is twice a week waiting on my karate class sitting in our YMCA in my uniform (gi) and my BLACK belt! Hahaha.

    I love it.

  • We held a WWKiP gathering outside our local craft store for four hours — over a dozen of us, some new folks stopped in and even had some “lookers” to see what we were up to. Four of us started out the morning at our local Starbucks and we are going to meet once a month on a Saturday since it seems to be a busy place!

    I also carry a project to pick up if I am waiting for an appointment and usually work on a Project Linus blanket during work meetings. I have a very supportive boss who understands I am actually concentrating more on the meeting because my hands are busy! Ha!

  • Out knitting group meets at Panera Bread in Columbus, Georgia, every Monday night, but for WWKIP Day we took to downtown and knit in a gazebo.

    Click here to see the Flickr photo set.

    The rain sent us into a nearby Subway restaurant.

    Then some photos involving yarn and statues.

    Later a couple of us attended our local arena football game and got the mascot guy to hold our knitting!

    We had a blast!

    Clicking any of the photos will take you to that photo’s flickr page with a better description of the photo.

  • I couldn’t find a group where I live, so I decided to just knit on my own when I was out with a few friends. I knitted in the car, in the park, and at a walmart. It was fun,about two people who saw knew it was knit in public day.

  • We held our first WWKiP Day last Saturday outside our new yarn shop Rainbow Gifts, and the day couldn’t have been more beautiful. The weather was perfect and everyone that came (about 60!)said what a wonderful time they had. It was fabulous! It was such a wonderful site seeing men and women sitting around enjoying a beautiful day together knitting, crocheting and needle felting. It was so relaxing. Can’t wait for next year already…and probably won’t!

  • I have a hour long train commute into Boston 3 days a week for an internship, and I have started bringing my knitting with me to pass the time. Normally no one says anything, but on Thursday June 18th, the conductor came and sat with me for a little while to talk about my knitting projects. He asked me what I was currently working on (a skirt) and if I’ve made anything else. He then told me that there was a woman on one of the morning trains who is also knitting, and he is always so impressed with anyone who can knit.

  • I knitted at the pool while watching me kids swim, my siste-in-law and I go to the pool daily & usually bring our knitting & crocheting. Lots of fun!

  • I was recently knitting on a bus going to a workshop in Roswell, GA. One man told me that ‘his Mom used to do that’ and another one chimed in that his ‘grandmother always knit and he didn’t know anyone did that anymore’. They were both fascinated , as was a little 4 year old who sat right next to me and seemed to be trying to figure out how I was doing it. It was definitely a fun encounter!

  • Lea – I crochet in public all the time and I get that a lot too 🙂

  • I think I missed the official WWKIPD, but I knit on the beach on Sunday. There were people clamming and others walking along the sand and I sat against a log and watched them. Logs aren’t comfortable for long-term sitting so I’ll bring a cushion next time!

    I always have a sock going at my desk at work, and knit on it during times I’m reading or pausing to think.

  • I have been knitting for about 35 years and consider myself an expert and use all the advanced finishing techniques. About three years ago I came out of the closet with this hobby and now I knit all the time on the elevated trains in the Chicago area. I have knit for my kids and grandkids for years.

  • I also knit in public every chance I get. The first weekend, we were at Put-in-Bay, on an island on the North coast of Ohio. I knit in many of the pubs on the island, at the winery and while riding around in a golf cart. I also knit atop the Perry’s Monument, a national monument, the 3rd tallest in the USA. My knitting goes with me everywhere!

  • The yarn store that I frequent had a booth and learning center at the Texas Folklife Festival and we provided yarn, needles and willing teachers to celebrate the day !!!
    We all sat in the area and knitted in public while encouraging passers by to stop and knit for a bit with us….
    It was really great and a nice introduction to several younger people to pick up this classic past time and a reminder to many of the adults and seniors of a calmer, more classic time.

  • Knit in Public Day also fell during the six weeks of fundraising Wal*Mart has for Children’s Miracle Network. We held a “knit or crochet a hat for a preemie” day and offered an instructor to help people learn to do either. It was a wonderful success!! We had three to ten people knitting or crocheting at tables set up in the aisle near the craft department for most of the day and people were also free to stop and chat or learn all day long. We had a few moms stop and tell us thank you because they had received hats in the past from their hospital. We had grandmothers who came to “relearn” and teens who came to learn for the first time. I was amazed at all the people who stopped to talk about their grandmothers or aunts and shared precious memories. We offered a basic pattern for knitting or crocheting and have collected over 150 handmade hats to be donated to local hospitals. I gave them the Lion website address because you have such great beginning instructions. We helped raise awareness for CMN, preemies and knitting; but we had a lot of fun, sparked a lot of interest in many young people to learn, and rekindled many happy memories for a lot of people.

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