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Yarncrafting Costumes: Designing a Bunny Tail

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Yarncrafting Costumes: Designing a Bunny Tail

My knitted costuming adventures continue, this time with extra fuzziness! A friend of mine frequently dresses up as a bunny for costume parties, and so I decided to make a bunny tail for his birthday.

Since I wanted the tail to be super soft and fluffy, yarn selection was paramount. Romance to the rescue! This yarn is incredibly soft, with a dramatic texture perfectly suited to highlighting a whimsical costume.


The shape of this design was relatively simple, and very similar to the sphere shape I used for my giant eyeball. Using two strands of Romance in Antique Lace held together with one strand of Wool-Ease in White/Multi, I knitted a sphere somewhere in between grapefruit and soccer ball size.

As part of the plan to install fairy lights inside the tail, I didn’t knit the sphere all the way closed. This opening would allow access to the lights’ battery pack. I knitted a small flap and attached it halfway around the opening, and sewed on metal snaps so the flap could close neatly.

To attach the fairy lights, first I turned the tail inside out. Then I wove the wire lights into the fabric at various points all over the sphere.

With a couple of extra-large safety pins, the tail could fasten easily to a waistband. And voila! I created a super soft light-up tail for somebunny to enjoy.


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