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Design 101: Creating Your Own Color Combination

Wax CrayonsHave you ever seen a pattern you like but hesitated to use it because of the colors?   We'd like to help you get started as a designer with some simple steps to choosing the color combinations you prefer.

Today we'll work with the Mulberry Afghan, #90310.  Think about what colors you would like to use.  Would you like to give it as a gift to a friend?  If so, what are her favorite colors?  What are the colors of her living room?  If it is for yourself, look at the colors of the room where you would like to display the afghan, think about the colors that make you happy, or even draw inspiration from favorite objects like paintings or even a season.

The best way to select colors is by putting together the actual balls of yarn or yarn swatches.  Trying to select colors of yarn based on the way the colors appear on your computer or in the catalog is risky, especially if you are trying to match colors you already have.  The colors on the computer screen or in the catalog will never exactly match the actual yarn.

The best way to look at as many color options as possible is to have a color card.  We'll be selecting from the Vanna lines of yarn, so you should order the Vanna's Choice color card for this project.  You may order only this color card for $1.99 and shipping will be free by ordering item #ccvanna.  It includes sample strands of Vanna's Choice, Vanna's Choice Baby and Vanna's Glamour yarns.

Once you receive the card, compare the colors of the actual yarn to the colors you would like to match or the colors you want to use.  Select 2-4 colors for this project.  Then use the diagram above (click to enlarge it, then print it out) to put sample strands of the colors into the spots on the diagram and see how they look together.  You can play around with crayons or paints while you are waiting for your color card to arrive to get a general idea of the color scheme, then see if there are actual yarn colors that look like they would fit your color scheme.

A ripple afghan is a great way to experiment with colors and to unleash your creativity.  Let us know how it goes!

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