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Deer in Knits: Cozy Creations from Artist Rachel Denny

Winter always makes me think of ski lodges, roaring fires, pine trees, and knitwear. In that vein, artist Rachel Denny's work combines a classic ski lodge staple with yarny goodness for a look that's unexpected, cozy, and perfect for winter decor.

Made of foam, wood, and yarn, these beautifully carved deer heads have a touch of whimsy. In addition, Rachel's yarn-covered work extends beyond just deer, with rabbits made of angora yarn.

In the last year, we've seen artists decorate everything from cars and bicycles to driftwood and fences with yarn. What do you hope 2011 will bring from the world of fiber art? Leave a comment and let us know!

Via 2Modern Design Talk.

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  • Zverbear

    Last year I broke my leg. I crocheted covers onto thehand grips of my crutches because I didn't like the feel of the grip. Everyone who saw them told me I should do more of them for other people that use crutches... but I never got that far. This year I plan to knit a cord over my computer plug cord, to prevent the cat from chewing it.

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