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Crochet For Your Home with Fast-Track®

Fast-Track® is an incredibly useful and versatile yarn. The softness of the cotton-poly blend makes it great for clothing while the tape-like shape makes it sturdy enough for home goods.

We've already shown you how great Fast-Track® is for garments with the super popular knit Oxford Boyfriend Sweater. You agreed! The demand was so great we added three more color choices to the kits.

Well, this yarn is also excellent for crocheting home wares, as well. It's soft but still durable, chic but useful. Since it's washable and it comes in a lot of different colors, Fast-Track® can work with almost any decor. It's sturdy enough for a rug, but light enough for a basket or bowl.

Home Decor with Fast-Track®

Baskets and Bowls

Rugs and Mats

The easy care means it's perfect to use this around kids and pets! They'll find it comfy to nap or play on, and when an inevitable mess appears, it's simple to clean. Toss it in the machine to wash, then lay it flat to dry.

Of course, this is also a fun yarn to get really creative with. Try making it into jewelry or weaving it for wall hangings. Get the kids involved -- there's no need to knit or crochet, they can make bracelets or other pieces by braiding, wrapping, or weaving.

The unique look will make for truly interesting and beautiful pieces.

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