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David the Lion: Birthday Fun with Amigurumi

Here at Lion Brand, we're big on birthdays. Since our president and CEO, David, was celebrating a big one at the beginning of this month, we decided to come up with some fun gifts. Here in the Marketing department, I thought it would be fun to make a big version of Leo the Lion (simply by using Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, in place of Wool-Ease, without changing the pattern!). Amigurumi work up quickly, but with his birthday fast approaching, we decided to make it a team effort.

Jess made the head and hind legs, while I made the body and front paws. PT practiced his newfound crochet skills by working on the front legs and tail. Lindsey helped with all the embroidery, the claws, and face. Jess, Lindsey, and I all worked on the mane out of Fun Fur in Lava. And Ilana added the final touch -- a pair of glasses that had cut-outs of David's eyes to make "David the Lion" look distinctly recognizable.

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We gave the lion to David today, and he loved it. His first remark? "It has my eyes!"

David the Lion & David


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