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Curvy Girl Knit-Along, Week 4: Cables!

CGKAL banner What's up, curvy knitters? We're back again with the Curvy Girl KAL. It's week 4, and we're on to the front of our sweater! How did you do with the last section? Did you finish your back piece? It's great to be moving on to the cable portions now, since they add a little interest and detail.

curvy girl cabled cardigan

Don't forget, if you're looking for a place to share your progress or want to chat about the project, you should definitely join our Ravelry group. It's a great place to ask any questions you might have and get feedback from our little KAL community.

Ready for the Next Section?

This week we're casting on the left front panel and working up until the decreases start. Much like the back, you'll start off working some ribbing before moving into stockinette stitch. The different here is that instead of knitting these all the way across, at one end you will work the cable. Since we're working the left, the cable will be on the left side of the piece. Also, make sure you are following the correct chart! The two front panels use cables that twist in opposite directions, like they're moving toward each other, so there are separate charts.

Curvy Girl Cabled Cardigan -- left front border

This piece is where you will want to start using a row counter. It doesn't say to use one in the pattern, but trust me, it makes things much easier when you're keeping track of where to work the cables. That's one of those things that is nearly impossible to visualize. Even the most seasoned knitter will have trouble with that.

Once you get into the rhythm of the cable and this section, it's actually a pretty easy week. Keep track of your rows, make sure you're working the correct chart, and that's about it!

Curvy Girl Cabled Cardigan -- left front

Next week we will finish this panel, starting with decreases for the v-neck and shaping the armhole. Are you getting excited about this piece? I don't know about any of you, but I can't wait to be able to wear this sweater. It's going to be a great winter staple.

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