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Curvy Girl Knit-Along, Week 6: Chugging Along

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Curvy Girl Knit-Along, Week 6: Chugging Along

Curvy Girl KAL

Here we are again, knitting and being curvy. This past week you should have finished up the left front. How is your piece progressing?


As I’ve mentioned during other knit-along updates, we have a Ravelry group. It’s a great place to chat about the project, show off your progress, and ask for help, so be sure to come over and join us! You should also feel welcome to leave comments on these posts with updates or any questions you may have.

For Next Time

We are working on the right front, knitting the straight portion before any decreases. I have a confession to make: I didn’t get as far in making this as I wanted to. My plan was to work the same way as for the left front, by knitting up until right before the decreases and then stop for the week. Unfortunately, life happened and I only made it about halfway.



But that’s OK! I’ll tell myself exactly what I would tell anyone who is participating — if you lag behind one week, just make it up the next. Regardless of how much I got done this time, I will stay on track and finish up the right front for the next installment.


So your task this week is to outperform me! Make it all the way up the straight portion. I’ll see you at the finish line.

And don’t forget what I mentioned last week — make sure you are working the right side cable chart. It twists in the opposite direction as the left side one, so you’ll be holding the needle to the back instead of to the front.

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  • Hello, having a great time with this pattern but I am trying to do the sleeves and I just do not understand the instructions at all. It says to repeat rows 3 and 4 until band measures 33cm! That’s longer than my wrist to elbow. Bind off then pick up 52 stitches but there are only 12 stitches to start with. What am I not understanding? Please help, feeling slightly dumb! Thank you Leanne in Tasmania.

    • You are picking up stitches along the side of the cabled band, so that it makes an edge at the wrist. As far as the length of it, you can always make it a little shorter to fit, just make sure there’s still enough room to PU the stitches.

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