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Curvy Girl KAL, Week 9: So Close

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Curvy Girl KAL, Week 9: So Close

Curvy Girl KAL

Can you believe how close we are to being done? We’re in the midst of our final components, and then all we have to do is put it all together!

How did your first sleeve go this week? The trickiest part of the process is picking up stitches. That’s not all that difficult once you get the hang of it, but I know I always have trouble keeping them evenly spaced. I mentioned this last week, but in the pattern it suggests using markers to divide the cable band into four sections, and that really helped me.


I’m seeing some people in the Ravelry group who are already done, and they all look amazing! I’m loving seeing the different colors people chose — including a couple of people who used more than one.

Another One

This week we are working the second sleeve. I like to keep the first one nearby while I work, so I can make sure everything is matching up exactly.

so close - CGKAL

It was a pretty straightforward week, and I managed to finish early. One cure for second sock syndrome is working quickly!

I moved ahead to get a jump start on the seaming.

Put it Together


I started by laying all the pieces out, to make sure everything was even and I didn’t need to fix any mistakes. Then, I started pinning the first parts together. The pattern directs you to start by sewing the shoulders, then finishing and attaching the neckline.


The shoulder seams are small and quick. You then do a three-needle bind off to attach the two halves of the collar. I had never actually done it before, but it’s described well in the pattern. We also have a tutorial if you need extra help.


You may prefer other grafting methods, but this one leaves a neat little seam. Once you’ve done that, you pin the collar to the neck of the back piece so it’s even and sew it down.


Once that’s attached, it’s time to move on to setting in the sleeves and sewing the sides. I’ll do that for you next week. Then we’ll be done, and can figure out how to wear this thing!

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