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  • Learn to Crochet, Lesson 4: In the Round

    Welcome back, crocheting students! Today we're embarking on another new skill: crocheting in the round.



    In researching methods for this post, I discovered that there is no simple, single answer to the question "how do you crochet in the round?" There are many different ways to do it, depending on what you're making, the structure of the piece, the direction of the wind that day, and so on.

    OK, so I may be kidding on one of those.

    Crochet In The Round

    There really are several different ways to crochet in the round, and it will probably be specified in the pattern you are using. If you are making something that is tight at the top, like a hat or amigurumi, you'll probably start with what's called a magic circle. If you're making a cowl or something else that's more of a tube, you may work in a spiral pattern (similar to how you knit in the round), or join the end of each round to the beginning with a slip stitch.

    The pattern that we will be making next week, the Three Color Tonal Cowl, takes a slightly different tactic. For that one, you join in the round with a slip stitch, but you actually turn your work and crochet back in the opposite direction. It's a sort of combination of working back and forth and working in the round.

    For the purposes of this demonstration, we're going to stick to the slip stitch method. That's the most similar to what we need for the cowl next week.


    For this example, I'm using Woolspun® yarn in Pumpkin and a size N-13 (9.0 mm) hook.

    To start, chain 10.

    Then, you will insert your hook through the first stitch, being careful not to twist your chain.

    Then, make a slip stitch.

    From here, you will crochet around the chain, stopping when you get to the last stitch. For this example, I did single crochet.

    To connect the rows, you will insert your hook into the first stitch and make a slip stitch. You have just completed your first crochet round.

    For the next round, we're going to try what the Three Color Tonal Cowl calls for and crochet back around the way we came. Make your turning chain (one chain if you're doing sc like I am). Then turn the work. Now, sc back around to the first stitch of the previous row, and sl st in the beginning of the row you just worked.

    You have now successfully crocheted in the round two different ways. Keep on practicing!

    For Next Time

    Next week, as I have mentioned, we will be making the Three Color Tonal Cowl. That requires three skeins of Wool-Ease® Tonal -- one each in three colors. I used Cabernet, Raspberry, and Fuchsia for mine, but you can choose any three you think work well together. You can also choose a different category 5 yarn, like Woolspun® or Scarfie®, instead if you so choose. But the cowl looks really nice in Tonal, since the stitches display the color variations well.

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  • Join Moogly and Crochet for Charity!


    Charity Crocheting with Tamara Kelly of Moogly Blog!

    We hope you have been having even a fraction of the fun that WE have been having with Yarn Heroes, Lion Brand's campaign to inspire knitters, crocheters, and crafters of all kinds to make comforting items for charity. The X-Men have Wolverine, and we have MOOGLY, who should need absolutely no introduction. But in case you're a yarn maven who has been living under a rock, Moogly (aka Tamara Kelly) is one of the guiding lights of the online crochet community, as well as one of the most generous souls you will ever meet.

    We got a chance to catch up with Tamara to talk about her approach to charity crafting, and we are so thrilled to share her insights!

    Show Us Your Moral Fiber - A Charity Campaign Slogan

    LB: Greetings, Tamara! We were so thrilled that you were one of the first people to sign up for Yarn heroes! Can you tell us a little bit about why you got involved?

    Moogly: I love how charity focused the crochet community is! And it doesn’t have to be hats for babies or blankets for the homeless or any of the usual things – you can find a way to help almost any organization you care about, even if it’s a yarn bomb to help raise awareness!

    Continue reading

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  • Charity Crafting: Be a Yarn Hero!

    Charity Crafters called Yarn Heroes in Costumes

    This giving season, Lion Brand is calling on knitters, crocheters and yarn crafters of all kinds to unleash their inner Yarn Hero and craft for charity! We want every fiber fanatic to know that they can help create a more giving world, one stitch at a time.

    We have assembled a super group of 15 of your favorite yarn bloggers and designers to show you how charity crafting can make an impact on real lives. Over the course of the next month, these bloggers will be posting patterns, hosting giveaways, and sharing their inspiring stories of crafting for charity. Every week, we will post interviews with the Yarn Heroes right here on The Notebook discussing the power of charity crafting and the causes dearest to them. You will find each Yarn Hero listed at the bottom of this page.

    You can also learn a little more about Yarn Heroes by watching episode #30 of Tea with Shira below.

    As fun, colorful, and hopefully inspiring as we hope you find Yarn Heroes to be, we acknowledge that we are just scratching the surface of charity crafting. All around the country, there are people who have dedicated enormous amounts of their lives to knitting and crocheting for others. You are harder for us to find, because you are so busy doing good for your fellow person!

    Please share your stories with us at – over the next four weeks, we will be selecting four charity crafters to each receive $250 worth of yarn for the cause of their choice.

    We are deeply grateful to the following organizations for helping us get the word out about giving back this season! These are great resources for learning about and getting involved with charity crafting.




    So be a Yarn Hero this giving season, and put those hooks and needles to good use. Just remember, if you plan on donating a crafted item, make sure that any charity you wish to donate to has the capacity to accept your donation!

    To Our Readers: Submit YOUR stories of charity crafting to for a chance to win $250 in yarn support for your charity crafting cause - we'll be picking winners every week, and it never hurts to let us know what you are doing for the world!

    Meet the Yarn Heroes - Crafting for Charity

    [Moogly] [Mama In A Stitch] [All About Ami] [One Dog Woof] [Sewrella] [Delia Creates]

    [Underground Crafter] [Sh*t That I Knit] [Kristy Glass] [Two of Wands] [Twinky Chan]

    [Make & Do Crew] [A Crocheted Simplicity] [Little Red Window]  [B-Hooked Crochet]


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