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Crocheted Cuteness Incarnate: Crochet Cocoon and Cap

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Crocheted Cuteness Incarnate: Crochet Cocoon and Cap


Greetings fellow yarn fanatics! While I’ve been enjoying a trip to Sweden, where fiber arts and crafts seem to be everywhere, I’ve been missing the blog tremendously… And so I was so thrilled to hear from the one-of-a-kind Kara over at Petals to Picots about this unfathomably adorable crochet cocoon and cap project!

This project, which will absolutely guarantee the best, cuddliest and most supremely snuggly newborn photos you could ever possibly imagine, is also an eminently simple and classic design.

The pattern calls for just 1 skein of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. One-and-done! This is an easy project to let your imagination go wild with (just contemplate the cornucopia of ways this cute cocoon and cap could be customized!) or if you’re not in the mood to fuss, it’s already perfect.

Either way, given the ease of the project, it’s a surefire way to secure your legacy if knitting for a family member or friend’s newborn babe, and a relatively non-exhausting way to get your own bundle of joy surrounded by yarn at the earliest age! (As we all know, the world needs more yarn lovers!)

So grab some Homespun, and when you are done drooling over all the amazing colors to choose from, head over to Petals to Picots. You’re just 1 skein away from the cuddliest, cutest cocoon there ever was!

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