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Crochet the Next President

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Crochet the Next President

In tomorrow’s newsletter, we’ll be offering free patterns for presidential nominee finger puppets.  Once you make the puppets, you can stage your own debate!

We’re also asking you to vote for the candidate of your choice here and we’ll publish the results so you can see where knitters and crocheters stand on the election.

Click here to vote!

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  • This is SO great! I can’t wait to make them and use them with the teens I’m talking to about the election. What a hoot!

  • Love them! So cute , no matter which party you are voting!

  • Cute stuff!

  • […] Crochet the Next President […]

  • They are super cute.

  • […] Crochet the Next President […]

  • Help! I really want to make these but I am not a crocheter! Is there a knitted version?

  • I am voting for Obama. I am excited about the statistics from your survey.

    Rebecca Buck

  • Where is Bob Barr???

  • I am so glad that the crocheting of the world are so smart to vote for Obama! These are really cute!

  • I vote McCain/Palin

  • Where is Bob Barr and Ralph Nader? They are running for president too! Let’s see all the parties represented in yarn!!

  • whats with this, i click on mcain knit, and i get nobama..i don’t want nobama..

    Zontee says: Hi Lyn, you can click here for the John McCain finger puppet pattern.

  • I need a Palin finger puppet and John McCain turned out great. It looks just like him.

  • This is such a great site! I really enjoy
    seeing all the yarns available. Can’t wait
    to try the finger puppets.

    My son lived in Anchorage, Alaska for
    twenty years, and he tells me Sarah Palin
    is the best thing that ever happened for

    Sorry ladies, but I’ve voted in every
    election for the past 50 years, and my
    best judgment tells me John McCain would
    be the best man to lead us through the
    rough times ahead.


  • I am thoroughly disappointed that as usual,not all the candidates are even mentioned. What about Barr and Ron Paul? I have voted for the last 42 years and this year one of my main concerns is that Obama hasn’t shown positive proof that he is even an American citizen and yet he is mentioned and some of the candidates that are American citizens are completely ignored. As for myself or anyone that studies the true economics and problems of this country, the only vote that would even come close to being in the best interest of our country would be a vote for McCain because he has Palin as a running mate. I just wish we honestly had a candidate running that could actually think for himself instead of what his party, his terrorist friends, or other undesirable influences told him to think. Unfortunately this year we Americans truly don’t have a good choice to vote for in any party.

  • Is there pattern instructions with this, I think it is cute, I know I am late, but changed internet services and find it hard to navigate and get back to my favorite sites

    Zontee says: Hi Loretha, just click on the pictures above to get the patterns.

  • hello my knitting sisther i just
    want you to know that i just love
    the finger puppet keep the good
    work up god bless you all.

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