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Crochet on the Runway

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Crochet on the Runway

As you may know, earlier this month, our hometown played host to New York Fashion Week, with presentations from dozens of top American designers. Last week, we featured an article from The Wall Street Journal Magazine highlighting how yarncrafts are making a return to the world of home design–and on the runways, it was great to see that the world of fashion is also following suit, with designers from established names like Vivienne Tam to the new generation of designers like Jen Kao featured crochet pieces and accents in their spring collections.

It’s so exciting to see how the yarncrafts inspire different areas of design!

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  • thank you for bringing this video to our attention! I love the crochet accents and some full fledge crochet on these spring pieces. I feel inspired to add crochet accents to my spring dresses, as I love to sew as well!

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