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crochet for spring

  • Perfect Spring Patterns to Layer

    Spring is all about layers. The days often span a wide range of temperatures and having the option to add or remove a layer can be invaluable to your comfort. For example, here in New York City we’re experiencing some wide fluctuations. On the way to work this morning it was just 48 degrees and now in the mid-afternoon it’s 72! How do you prepare for this? Wraps, ponchos, cardigans, and legwarmers, are all possibilities. Below are a few patterns to get you inspired.

    The Granite Cape by All About Ami (kit available on LionBrand.com)

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  • Advanced Crochet Techniques Part Four: Lace

    As you've seen over the last four weeks, there is a ton that can be done with crochet. You never have to make the same style twice with all the possibilities crochet offers! Last week, we talked about textured crochet, which is often a thick, bulky style that evokes images of sitting by a ski lodge fireplace. Though it might be hard to believe in the still-frozen Northeast, the winter is finally beginning to thaw, and in anticipation of springtime, I'm going to take you to the opposite end of the spectrum today and talk about lace.

    Crocheted lace is a wide-ranging topic. Some people think anything that has enough openwork and thin enough yarn or thread counts as lace, while others see it only as tatted thread.

    Today, I want to give you a brief introduction to four common types of crocheted lace: broomstick lace, filet crochet, hairpin lace, and Solomon's Knot.

    Broomstick Lace

    Image of <font color=red>Broomstick</font> Lace Crochet ShellBroomstick Lace gets its name from the original tools used to create it back in the 1800s. While now crafters often use large knitting needles, like our size 50 Speed Stix, the craft began by utilizing the long, narrow top of the broomstick, along with a crochet hook. It is also known as "jiffy lace" or "peacock eye crochet" because of how speedily it works up and the texture it creates. For a detailed tutorial on broomstick lace, click here.

    The lacy yet structured material this stitch creates makes it ideal for springtime blankets and shawls or unique lightweight garments. This Broomstick Lace Shell, made with LB Collection Cashmere, is a perfect project to practice your technique and create a unique garment to wear as the weather gets warmer.

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