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How to Crochet the Cosmos Circle Scarfie

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How to Crochet the Cosmos Circle Scarfie

by Tamara Kelly, was one of the first places I found free crochet patterns when I learned how to crochet, and I still love looking through all the gorgeous patterns they are constantly adding! One that caught my eye this month was the Cosmos Circle Scarfie – a gorgeous pattern featuring Lion Brand Landscapes!

Cosmos Circle Scarfie YouTube

First things first, you’ll need the pattern, which can be found by clicking here. Then, you’ll need a US-K, 6.5mm hook and one ball of Lion Brand Landscapes®! Landscapes is a gorgeous self-striping yarn, and for this pattern I’m using the Tropics colorway.


And now it’s time to get crocheting! This pattern is worked in rows, and it starts with a chain of 120 – to help keep track, I like using stitch markers every 20 chains or so. That way, come kids or spouse, I know I don’t have to start over counting again when I get interrupted!

cosmos scarfie photo 1

Then, work 2 double crochet in 4th chain from the hook. This will count as your first “block.” More on that in a moment!

cosmos scarfie photo 2

Next, skip the next 3 chains, single crochet in the next chain, and after that we begin the repeat that will take us across the rest of the first row: chain 3, double crochet in the next 3 chains (1 in each chain), skip the next 3 chains, single crochet in the next ch. This is the next block – see how they make little rectangles?

cosmos scarfie photo 3

Continue that repeat on across, until you get to the end of your starting chain. You will end with a single crochet in the last chain, and 17 blocks total.

cosmos scarfie photo 4

On to Row 2! And the lovely thing from here on out is, the next 11 rows are all the same! Rows 2 through 12 start as follows: chain 3, (and be sure to turn of course if you haven’t already!), work 2 double crochets in the first single crochet (first block of this row made). Then begin the repeat that will take us to the end of the row: skip the next 3 double crochets, (single crochet, chain 3, 2 double crochet) all in the next chain ­3 space, then double crochet in the next single crochet.

cosmos scarfie photo 5

Repeat this all the way across, ending with a sc in the top of the turning chain.

cosmos scarfie photo 6

Keep this up until you have 12 rows made, or until you’re reached the width you want! If you want it a little thinner, omit a row or two – if you want it wider, keep going (but you will need a 2nd skein). If you find you are running out of yarn too soon, you can choose to omit the slip stitches along the edges or stop at 11 rows, whichever you prefer. Speaking of which…. when you’ve finished your last row, turn and slip stitch in each chain and stitch across.

cosmos scarfie photo 7

After that, break your yarn and do another row of slip stitch along the bottom edge – make sure this is on the same side as the top edge. Then, using what’s left of the yarn, sew the ends together. Two quick tips: block the pattern before sewing, and make sure the ends are the same length, and use stitch markers to hold the ends together while you sew!

Want to see it in action, including sewing up that final seam? Check out the video below!

And that’s how you crochet the Cosmos Circle Scarfie! I hope you enjoy this tutorial – and your gorgeous new cowl!

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