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Crochet By Number “Paintings”

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Crochet By Number “Paintings”

It’s almost hard to believe that these “paintings” were made with a crochet hook and yarn.

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  • That was interesting they could do that with pictures

  • How refreshing – made by a man! Beautiful work, very inspiring.

  • I remember doing this in high school in the 70s – one of the teachers taught us. All it is is a charted picture turned sideways. It’s easy if you color in the graph (of course, now you can print it out!). Not a new technique at all.

  • I think i do remember that from school. But it is neat way to give someone a lovely gift.

  • amazing. what a talent.

  • I just got an email from him a couple of days ago. I have yet to start my pics, but I will, some day.

  • OMG, what can I say. Those pieces are so unbelievable. Who would have thought of crochet art.

  • INCREDIBLE! I need to learn Tunisian crochet some day.

  • Although I have done this with a few simple designs I have never seen it in such detail before and am awed. The person who was taught to do at school is very lucky. A class like that would have saved me from hours of trial and error. Going to download a free sample now and create a work of art.

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