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Crochet-Along: Sample Some New Stitches!

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Crochet-Along: Sample Some New Stitches!

Hey All!

I’ve done some serious crocheting this weekend to catch up with some of you, but in the meantime, for those of you who are newer to the crochet-along, I’ve decided to give y’all a rundown of stitches to try if you are so inclined:

First an easy alteration to make to any of the 3 existing blocks in the pattern is to simply try a different stitch. Try half double crochet in Block 1 for example.

And have you seen the Stitchfinder? There are quite a few fun patterns to try out!

Here are a few to take a look at:

Lacey Stripes

Concentric Squares

Little Gems

Textured Stripes

Crochet Cable


Lace Ripples

Petite Popcorns

Scallop Stripes

If you’re using one of these alternate stitches, don’t forget to do a little gauge swatch and see how big each repeat of the pattern is, so that you can chain the right width for your block.

What alternative stitch patterns have you added to your sampler?  Please tell us all about it, right here in the comments to this post!

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  • I used Fanfare as an alternate block pattern in place of Block I. I used 28 stitches in the foundation chain and a P hook.

  • I used the V Stitch, Puff Stitch, and Shell Stitch from The Happy Hooker book. Details are on my Ravelry project page: I’m aiming for a finished size of 36″ x 48″, so I’ve adapted the pattern to make 6″ x 7″ squares.

  • After taking a closer look at that Lacey Stripes pattern, I gave it a try on a scarf for the Special Olympics charity project. Well, that worked out fine in two colors, but then I wanted to try a different combination of using those same two colors within that pattern. So, I was inspired to get two more scarves done in the past day for that project and now that brings my total to four. I know I’m going to run out of yarn before I run out of inspiration – but thanks for those pattern ideas as they definitely gave me a bit of inspiration in a new direction!

  • here’s my alternate for block 1:

    chain 26,
    row 1 sc in 2nd chain and is all sc (for 25 stitches)
    row 2 ch 2 (acts as double), sc in second stitch (like in block 3), dc, sc, dc, repeating until last stitch (ending on dc)

    row 3: ch 1, dc in second stitch, sc, dc, sc (repeating until last stitch, ending with sc)…

    the easiest way to do this pattern is put a double on top of a single from the previous row, and a single on top of a double from the previous row

    row 4: chain 1, sc in 2nd stitch and across to end
    repeat rows 2, 3 and 4 until you have 28 rows.

    i put a chain row in between each set of alternating rows to get the height of the block right, and also better match block 3. you end up with 9 groups of rows 2 and 3.

    also, i am done with ALL my blocks! i am now mapping out how to join them, as i’m going to use a sc or slipstitch rather than the sewing method…

    BUT, my stitch count for the border is going to be more than the recommended round 1 for the edging…does anyone have a close up picture of the border so i can see how to come up with the right amount of sc before i start joining?

    also, any help on joining by crochet method is greatly appreciated…this is my first ‘joined’ piece, so i’m definitely winging it!

  • I love that scallop stitch! I think I feel ready to try some new ideas in my crochet! 🙂 Thanks for blogging!

  • I guess I got a little confused on that part. I liked the different stitch patterns. But with sampler afghan, We can either go by the pattern used for this project or use the stitched used in this blog? Up to us what we want to use??? I’m on block 3. I got 1 block finished. But I’m only on my second square. I’m a bit slow on crocheting, but I’m having fun working with this.

  • Hey Ruth! Some folks have chosen to mix things up and try more stitch patterns while others have stayed with the pattern as is. Feel free to do whatever you enjoy!

  • Donna that is one of my favorite crochet textures, mixing a tall stitch and short one!

  • I made a shawl for one of my friends using the lacy stripes pattern and adding fringe. She loves it so and has received many compliments on it.

  • HI All..I have been CAL-ing ‘ghost’ style since September and finally decided to come clean! I love all your comments and have been learning from them and looking at pics when available. I am making 2 blankets for my great neices (3 & 7) using TLC baby yarn in pink and lime green. I’m starting with the pink, making 6″ squares with a reaaly nice bamboo F hook I just bought. I love using it. Anyway I made the 3 suggested squares, and also used 2 really cool books I recently used 50% off coupons to aquire! One is 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton, and I just do the blocks in one color. The other book is Super Stitches Crochet by Jennifer Campbell and Ann-Marie Bakewell. This is along post, if you’re interested I’ll tell you which squares I did, but I’m having a ball, I have about 8 diff. squares done, 2 of each, and I do have a ‘throwaway’ pile in case you’re interested. Bye all!

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  • Could someone please help me. I have a lot of patterns but I dont always want the size given. Does anyone know how to take a crochet pattern and input the pattern using “multiples of XX plus X ” ? I can find only one explanation and it’s like trig all over again. Thank you

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