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Crochet-Along: Gauge, Sizing, and Hooks!

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Crochet-Along: Gauge, Sizing, and Hooks!

The response to this crochet-along has knocked me over…. I’m thrilled by all the enthusiasm! And thank you so much for helping each other out too.

First things first, time to address the subject of a lot of questions: the gauge, sizing, and hook suggested in the pattern. It does seem that there has been a typo regarding the gauge and what hook to use.

In order to make this entry as useful as possible I’ve decided to simplify the issue and not talk too much about all the different measurements from my many gauge experiments. (You can view some of my swatches and notes in the Flickr group.) Because this is a blanket and not a fitted sweater, we have room to navigate around this typo and take advantage of the situation even. It’s true, gauge is usually very important because it gives you the information you need to get the same sizing and drape as the finished product you see in the pattern.

The best thing I’ve seen come out of the confusion over the gauge is how many of you decided to follow your gut and choose the hook and gauge that best suits you. I think this is fantastic! You see, I need a lightweight blanket because I live in a warm climate and someone in a colder climate needs something thicker. So I’ll use a larger hook and she’ll use a smaller one and we’ll each crochet the fabric that fits our own needs. I think that is the best thing any of our blankets can have in common, that each individual blanket is “just right” for the person it will keep cozy.

Yes, folks, I’m all moved and excited about this potential army of blankets that each fills just the right needs for the right recipient. But we might like to take care of a few details so each of us can best plan out these “just right” blankets. See, going off-road with a pattern is far easier if you have a plan.

Follow this breakdown to plan out your blanket:

1. Find what makes the crocheted fabric you like best: Starting with Block 1, the single crochet block, swatch some rows with different hooks until you get the result that feels best for you.

My notes:
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice
Hook: P (that’s right! I’m actually getting a nice puffy and airy fabric with mine)

2. Work up one of each block pattern. This gives you a chance to get to know each pattern and see how well they match up to each other. You’ll likely make some decisions at this point as to any changes you want to make. It is important that Blocks 1, 2, and 3 each come out to the same width and height. You can make alterations to the number of stitches in a row to increase or decrease width or change the number of rows to fix any problems with height.

Take notes, here are mine:

Honestly my attention span for a specific block wanes at a point, so I’ve decided to cut my row count short and I have square blocks as a result. I am sticking with the number of stitches in a given row (Block 1 has 26 and 2 &3 have 25). You may have noticed Block 1 has an extra stitch. I’ve noticed that this extra stitch helps make the denser single crochet block a better fit when matching it up to the other two, they have a bit more stretch in them.

My notes:
Block 1 : 25 rows compared to 33 in the pattern
Block 2 : 17 rows compared to 19 in the pattern
Block 3 : 17 rows compared to 19 in the pattern

3. Take some notes on sizing and gauge:

My notes:
Block 1 : 2 single crochet = 1”, 8 single crochet = 4”
8 rows = 4”
Block 2 : 2 double crochet = 1”, 8 double crochet = 4”
6 rows = 4”
Block 3 : 1 cluster = 1”, 4 clusters = 4”
8 rows = 6”

Each of my Blocks is a stretchy, airy 12” x 12″. That’s right, they are huge! (One of my cats thinks I’ve made her a bunch of little cushy square beds.) Finding the sweet spot for my attention span as well as the size and shape I want has made working up the blocks much more satisfying. You also might wish to take the finished size of your blanket into consideration when deciding on the number of stitches and rows to use in your blocks.

4. How big is my blanket going to be?

Given that I have such big blocks, I may reduce the number of blocks I’ll use. If I don’t my blanket will be 5 feet by 6 feet! Now that I think about it, that does sound mighty cozy…

So take a look at the blanket diagram in the pattern. The blanket is 5 blocks wide and 6 blocks tall.

Estimating the size of your blanket:
Width of a block ____ inches x 6 blocks wide = ____ inches wide (this is excluding any borders you might choose to add).

Height of a block ____ inches x 5 blocks tall = ____ inches tall.

If you want your blanket to be a different size, you can choose to add to the height or the width of the blanket with some more blocks.

5. How much yarn will I need?

My lazy method: I’ve assigned a skein of yarn to each block. I marked the label with “Block 1”, “Block 2”, “Block 3”. When I’ve used up a skein I’ll have an approximate idea as to how many of each type of block I’ll get out of a skein. I can then estimate how many more skeins to get.

The smarter method (I haven’t done this myself for this project yet, but here’s what you can do): Unravel a row or two of yarn and measure how much yarn was used. Then multiply by number of rows in your block and you’ve got a total for a block:

Estimating Yarn Needed:
Block 1: 1 row = _____ inches/ feet of yarn
Block 2 : 2 rows (1 row of dc and 1of sc) = _____ inches/ feet of yarn
Block 3: 2 rows (1 row of cluster and 1 of sc) = _____ inches/ feet of yarn

There’s still more to talk about, I know! I hope concentrating on this gauge issue has helped sort out any concerns, but most importantly I hope you all feel inspired to crochet the blanket that is “just right” for you!

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  • Hi Joann here — I started my blocks yesterday and since I basically do baby blankets, I wanted this one to be a baby blanket as well. So I used a smaller hook (a G to be precise) and baby weight yarn. (I am also using up all my odds ‘n ends!) The first block worked up nicely – 6.5 x 6.5 inches; the second block I needed to add one more “row” of the pattern to make it match in size. But I am having problems with the 3rd block — how many clusters will I have in the first row? When I started I had twelve, but the subsequent rows had eleven! Yikes — I put that block aside and decided to ask the rest of the group what they came up with. Thanks, all!

  • Hey Joann! I’m going to address each of the Blocks in the next entry, which I’m working on right now.

    Without knowing exactly what your work looks like, I can suggest that you make sure that in Row 2 you don’t work in the first sc of the row, because the Ch 2 is a turning chain and will stand in as a dc. Also, make sure you chain after those clusters and work into thos chains as you work the next row of sc. Do some investigative work and take a close look at where that cluster “disappeared”. Often I find my mistake as I unravel it… taking notice of each thing I did.

    Best of luck!

  • the first block which is the single crochet one I have two made and they are very easy to make. I also was looking at the other two squares to make in order to do the afghan and they look fun to do. I use row counters to keep track of my work so I won’t lose my place. I am using off white cotton yarn and it is making up nicely as cotton yarn has a complete different feel. Have fun 🙂

  • i am doing my afghan using the “P” hook, and the fisherman yarn. The stiches are much looser than if i worked with a smaller hook. I really enjoy working with the “P” hook and making the blocks look bigger.

  • Hi, Cecily, thanks for the update and information about sizing. I’m working mine in Vanna’s Choice in a color similar to the one in the photo. Can’t remember the name right now. I’m using an H hook and the finished size is 8 x 9″. But I liked what you said about each of us making a customized afghan. Mine is going to be for my husband, who loves to wrap up on winter nights, even though we live in a warm climate. I would really like to hear about some other color choices, or is anyone using more than 1 color? Thanks. Carolyn

  • Thank you for the tips. I just started and was going to stitch all of my Block I’s and then start on Block II and so on. But after reading your entry I believe I need to move on to at least one of Block II and Block III. I love the idea of assigning a skein of yarn to each block to gauge how much yarn I will need. Extremely helpful and I love the crochet along! Thanks Nancy

  • Jan here. Cecily, I read your entire explanation on the CAL front page and think you have put everything in perspective. I can’t imagine that all the afghans would be the same anyway. We crocheters are highly creative sorts and tend to make projects “our own” as a rule. It’s really fun to read about all the variations and adjustments everyone has made to their CAL project!

    Can someone tell me how to become a member of Ravelry?


    Zontee says: Hi Jan, to join Ravelry, go to and click the “Request an invitation” button on the right-hand side, where it says “Don’t have an account?” You will get access in just a few days, depending on the current waiting period.

  • Whew! I thought I was losing it, so your update came at a good time. I will send photos when I get one of each square completed, but I’ve been making several #1 squares while watching political speeches. Someone has to do it!

  • I’m also using the P hook. which is working a little bigger than the recommended gauge but I wait till I try the next block and make the adjustment if necessary. It has been perfect crochetung weather here in New England except for yesterday. But i was pretty busy with school work so I didn’t even try. TGIF.

  • I’m using a bit of a thicker yarn, so the P hook works perfectly on mine… I’m not sure what my blocks will look like as I’m still on the first, since I haven’t had much time to work on it. From what I have though, I can tell that they’ll be bigger than the pattern says.

  • from #4

    I am now using the “h” hook. Much better, not as loose as the “P” hook and hopefully use not more yarn.

  • Ok, I struggled with the gauge as well and thought it was me. Glad to see that it was not. I have found that if I want something like the picture to use the correct gauge, so I went down another size hook, and then another and finally the third size I tried, a J hook, six hook sizes down from a P works the gauge for me. It does make it dense if you’re using the fisherman’s wool. I did buy the kit and was surprised how huge the fisherman’s wool skeins are (didn’t really notice when I ordered).

    Question: how are the blocks to be joined?

  • Ok, I am going back to it now that I know P hook was off, I had huge squares with Worsted Weight Yarn, went to a J hook, and the blocks were off in guauge too, just a quick question though, was the pattern proofed before we all got into it?
    Glad that it changed now, think I will order Vanna’s choice yarn if that seems to be the best bet. Looking for hurricane weather down here, so we are putting up shutters and seems like a nice time to hunker down with the hook. Will post new pics after I take the others out.

  • Thank you for the update on the hook & gauge. Since I a relative beginner at this, I thought I was missing something I should have known. I played with several hooks before settling on a K. My squares are turning out to be about 9 1/4 inches square. That’s for block 1. I have those finished now and have started on block 2. I am also using Vanna’s Choice-a different color for each of the 3 blocks. I am really enjoying this in the evenings and so is my kitty!

  • A quick note on joining! The pattern calls for a simple whip stitch. A lot of folks agree that may not be the sturdiest choice. I’ve know a whip stitch wizard who had a stitch as strong as welding, but I don’t know all her secrets! I am adding a border around each square and will crochet mine together, which I’ll chat about in a future blog entry….

  • Hi Cecily — thank you for the advice. Hurricane Hanna is heading my way this weekend so I know what I plan on doing while the wind is howling! I will check back in next week and let you know how the project is going.

  • Thank you for helpful and informative the Sept. 4 Post re Guage, Sizing and Hooks. I started my blocks last week and opted for a J hook with the Lion Brand Pound of Love. But I am looking forward to experimenting with other hook sizes to compare the outcome.

    By the way, the original pattern instructions for the CAL say make 10 of Block I and Block III but 7 of Block II; however the diagram shows 10 of each blocks.


  • I’m doing mine in red for my hubby. I made up two sqaures with two size hooks and gave him the choice of which he liked best. He liked the smaller hook (I) so that is what I will be using.

    Has anyone chosen to use 2 colors?
    How have you done the layout with 2 colors?
    I don’t want it striped!

    I am thinking about adding blue as the contrast, but can’t quite figure out the best way to ONLY use 2 colors.

  • I guess it’s a sign of being such a beginner but I’m struggling with having my second block be the same size as the first block–and they’re both Block I! A different day gives me a different size. I know that means I’m not being consistent with my tension but I don’t know how to adjust. Oh well, I know I’ll get better with practice. My choice of yarn and hook are Vanna’s Choice with a K hook and my first block came out to be 8 by 9. It’s fairly solid (as opposed to light and fluffy) but still has a drape. It is just the right texture for my son to wrap up in. Wish me luck on being able to make a consistent size.

  • I worked up Blocks 1 and 2 but then couldn’t get Block 3 to come out the same size. So I worked up a Block 3 first and then adjusted Blocks 1 and 2 to match because the single and double crochet blocks are easy to add or decrease a stitch from. That’s working pretty easy for me now.

  • With all those instructions, I am now completely baffled. I have no idea how much yarn to purchase. I’m a person that just likes to follow a pattern. Backing out of this one!

  • I haven’t read all the posts to #1. Whew! Thanks for the update. I’m on ravelry, too.
    I opted to do fewer rows on block 1. With Lion Jiffy & N hook, 26 sc = 10 inches, 23 rows = 8 inches. Put together, mine will have the rows running the length of the afghan, rather than across.
    Cecily, can you persuade your wizard to coach those who want to sew the blocks together? I really need help with that.
    Thanks for hosting this.

  • I stuck with the P hook and wool-ease sportweight yarn, although I have to go back and re-do the first couple of my block 1 blocks, since my tension evened out after a while to be pretty loose.

    Since it’s pretty loose (which makes the blocks feel oh-so-soft), the blocks are also huge. I’ve decided to cut down the number of blocks to 8 of each type, for a total of 24, or a 4×6 blanket.

    I’ll have some more pictures of blocks 1 and 2 on my blog in a few days.

  • Hi!
    My name is Farrah. I am joining a little late as birthdays, holidays and news that my brother in law is having their first little one have kept me busy! I just started my blocks today using a worsted weight yarn and the P hook. the first block was looking huge and I was concerned. I also have never used such a large hook.

    So I decided to read the blog to see what’s up and was so happy to see others dealing with gauging issues. I think I will try using a smaller hook and see where that gets me.

    For those asking about colors, I am using three different colors (one for each block) to match my family room. I am using a wine color, sage green and beige mix. I am making the blanket for my husband when he watches TV on the couch. Sorry my entry is so long but I am playing catch up. This is my first time doing something like this and I am having tons of fun.

  • Hello! I had issues with the guage and needle size also, but decided it was my afghan and I could do my own thing. I ended up using needle size N and the I Love That Yarn. I am using three colors Tourquoise, Ecru, and Brown. I love the crochet along and this pattern is great to take along while waiting for my children in dance and football.

  • What a great beginning. I have about a dozen blocks worked up so far and have adjusted hooks and rows as needed to make them all the same size. I tend to take out my stress on my yarn, and so I knit or crochet pretty tight. It works out for me because using a bit larger hook tends to make my projects to size/gauge compared to what is called for. I also live in the northern part of our great country and need to have a closer or more tightly knit/crocheted item to keep in the heat. 🙂

    Also, I am using 3 colors for my afghan. I chose a charcoal color for most of the project, but have chosen highlights in beige and cadet blue. I plan to make a diagonal stripe to the pattern and hope that it works out the way I imagine. This forum is certainly keeping my interest in the project. Just knowing that others are working on the same blanket is great inspiration!

    Anyway, keep going everyone! Sounds like we are all making adjustments as needed and that is a wonderful thing!

  • Wow! Am also glad to hear that I’m not the only one with gauge issues. I am using the “Fisherman’s Wool” and a size K hook. I could only find 3 skeins of the yarn (the web-sites had it back-ordered and the stores either don’t carry or the rest of you all took the yarn), so I’ll have the size blanket that I’ll have when I run out of yarn. That being said, I am working one square of each and moving on to the next, otherwise, I’d have like 10 square I and II, and maybe no square III’s.

    Ok, truthfully, I messed up Square I and did normal sc, so I added that as Square IV and made up a Square V.

    For V, I used my favorite baby-things stitch. Ch 25 and then Sc(Sc in next st, dc in same st, skip next stitch)repeat until last stitch, sc, ch1, turn and repeat until desired length (You’ll be putting the sc,dc in the sc below and skipping the dc’s -it makes a two-row pattern. You can add stability by making the first and last rows solid sc) I made 26 rows or 13 “ridges”.

    So far I have nearly 3 sets of squares.

  • Hi, I am just joining the CAL. It looks like it will be fun. I was taught to crochet and knit when I was a little girl by my grandmother and my mother but only crocheted rather sporadically until about two years ago when I was going through a very stressful time. Crocheting and knitting are great ways to relieve stress and anxiety and get something beautiful as a result. I mostly like to crochet afghans, shawls, and scarves. I will be making this CAL afghan using Wool Ease in 3 colors as just days before seeing this CAL I was lucky enough to come across a batch of Wool Ease on a very good sale, and the three colors they had were just right for my living room, although at the time I had no idea exactly what I was going to do with them. Then I saw the CAL – just perfect – a new afghan for my living room! I think I will really enjoy participating in this CAL (I have never done so before). It will be fun to think that when I am working on my blocks, there will be others all over this country and in other countries too working on their afghans, perhaps at the very same time. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful communal activity.

  • Hi, Everyone Boy I am enjoying this!! I just started mine. I am doing mine in Vannas Choice- Rust, Tangerine Mist and Beige! I had a tough time getting started went through 4 hooks P too big,g too small j better but not it,k was 7 inches wide I am doing a hook N I got my FIRST block done 81/2(9)X10!! does that sound ok? Looks ok I guess it will do just keeop all the other blocks the same size. Right? Just will be a big one> lol.Doing mine like the Beige will go all around Like a frame in all blocks stitches the other 2 colors will be in the middle mist in blck 3 stitches rust in block 1 stitches. Please let me know if my blocks will be ok!!! Thank you and happy crocheting!!!! Sorry for the longnesds of this!!!

  • I am from Buffalo,NY, and the yarn and hook sure is making it sooo soft!! Hope to talk to all of you soon Bye and tc!!

  • Just checking in. My blocks are coming along nicely. I have all of block 1 done and 8 of block 2 done. I am really enjoying doing these in the evening. I am a little nervous about doing block 3- but I think once I actually get going on it I’ll get the hang of it. I, too, am using 3 different colors- one is an eggplant purple, a navy and a varigated purple/navy/gray.
    Cecily, I look forward to hearing how you are going to put your blocks together and do the borders. I’m not fond of whipstitching and would rather crochet them.
    Talk to you later…

  • Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve cheked in. I’ve finished 4 columns. It’s looking really nice. I’ve crocheted the blocks together as others have suggested and I think I like this method a lot better than the whipstitch method. The way I did it, though, there is a definite front and back to the blanket because the backside has seams. Does anyone know of a way to crochet blocks together without visible seams so that the blanket can be reversible?

  • Someone asked if this pattern had been proofed. I think we are the “proofers”! LOL:) I wound up getting Thick and Quick because I couldn’t figure out any other kind of yarn that would use a P hook! I used the revised counts for rows and stitches, and my blocks are coming out about 14″ square. So I am thinking that I will only do 20 blocks to have a luxurious poofy soft afghan when I am done! I did finally find Fisherman’s Wool in a store in my town, but I don’t like beige or brown, so I am pleased with my choice: Thick and Quick in Fig (a purple-y pink-y color). This will be an adventure!

  • After a week fooling with a new computer and other “technical” issues, finally started block 1 last night and thought “am I dreaming or is there something seriously WRONG with the guage in this pattern”?? Thanx for this post, it makes feel a little less like I was in some weird time warp. Sheesh. Thought it was me. I’ve tried several different hooks, but stuck with the Fisherman wool from Lion Brand (I love an all over color look like that) as I already have a few afghans in Vanna’s Choice (LOVE the colors!!). Phew. I’ve stuck with a little smaller hook (M) and a few variations on rows. Same stitches, but my block is a few inches larger….so far. Glad to find out it wasn’t just me!!!!
    Denise aka The Domestic Angel

  • Wow! I am sure glad I got held up on buying yarn and starting so you all could do the hard work of figuring out gauge, etc! Thank you! I will probably get started today, and I know it will go easier for me because of your perseverence. I was going to go with multi-colors, but I looked at my living room and saw multi-color upholstery and multi-color tile on the fireplace and decided I needed a neutral solid instead. Patons Canadiana was on sale, so I got 10 skeins in dark beige. I don’t know yet if I am going to love it, but it occurs to me that if I need another color to bring the afghan and room together, I could use Cecily’s border and joining idea as an opportunity to do that. Will look forward to reading more about it!

  • I know I’m joining late, but I need some advice on yarn choice. My problem is a cat who sheds VERY heavily. So I need a yarn that won’t suck up the fur and never let go. Something that will release the fur when washed in a machine. And I prefer not all acrylic. I’m relatively new to crochet, and have never done anything this big. Advice on fur-ball proof yarns would be oh so appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  • Thank you so much for this post! I’ve never used a BIG hook before and after three attempts and unraveling, I decided to use two strands of yarn, the result is a much fuller look, a little closer to the sample picture. However, it is! I think this is one time when bigger is better! I also decided to use WoolEase, everything needs to be washable in my house! I have one square done, on to number two!
    Thanks Again!

  • I just wanted to give an update on how my blocks are going! I’ve just started on the third pattern, but I have to go back and fix some of the first ones.

  • i am doing each set of blocks in a different color, for a baby blanket…baby came early, yesterday! oops….now i have to stitch fast…

    i am not happy with the way block 1 is coming out all warped on the edges, not square at all…but, it does stretch into place, so it might be okay…but, i may go back and do regular sc instead of the back loop only…haven’t decided yet…block 2 and 3 are great, with 3 being my fave! i figure i will finish all the blocks for 2 and 3 before worrying about how to fix my block 1 dilemma…

    i didn’t worry too much about overall gauge as it’s a baby blanket, in baby yarn, using hook size recommended on label…i am estimating that the finished size will be just what i need for a baby blanket…but, i’m being careful about making sure the blocks are all the same size…again, 2 and 3 are no worries…block one….!

    any suggestions on an alternative for block 1???

    thanks, and happy stitching…

    Zontee says: Hi Donna, check out some of the comments on the first CAL post for some great suggestions for an alternate block.

  • Just an update…I am done!! woohoo!! It turned out beautiful. I did end up sewing it together, but my next one will definitely be crochet together. I just like the finished look better.
    Christmas present number one complete. I will post a photo on ravelry in a few days time.


  • I chose Wool-ease yarn in a burgundy color. I had started this yarn several months ago with another pattern and decided it was too difficult. So, I ripped it out and am re-using this yarn for this project. I am using a size J hook, and have added just a few extra stitches and rows. I need variety, so I am doing one block of each (I, II, III), then repeating. So far, I am on my fourth block, but I have several other projects that I am working on in between. Guess I better put those down and get busy on this project or everyone will be done, except me. I really like this pattern. I have just redecorated my living room and it will be going in there on the back of the couch. I’m sure my dog will love to lay on it. She will think it was made just for her.


  • I finally committed to the CAL today and bought some yarn–better late than never. Should be a good learning experience for me. Linda…I’m only doing 2 colors, too (Fisherman’s wool natural and brown). Thought I’d share with you my plan for only using 2 colors: I wrote out on the blocks in the pattern grid A and B for each alternating color. So if I follow the grid, the blocks in one row will be ABABA and the next row will be BABAB. So on and so forth. That way, I’ll have alternating color squares, and I’ll have blocks done in both colors. And now I also know how many blocks to make in each color! Hope that helps. Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions on gauge and hook size.

  • I have 7 of the 10 block 3’s done now. Almost ready to put it together. This is really fun. I am now looking forward to trying something else.

  • I am also using a size P hook with another brand yarn – only because I needed the color the “other brand” had. I am doing 2 strands together on each square. My squares are also 12″. I will probably have a blanket that is also 5’x6′. This blanket is for my sister who loves to cover up with a blanket in the evening so it will be used a lot!
    So far the squares are going fairly fast. Each one takes about 90 mins give or take a little bit. Working with such a large hook took a little getting use to but I like it.

  • I didn’t really follow what everyone else was doing and started with the pattern. None of my blocks are matching up and I’ve made two of each. I don’t think it’s too late to start over… but I’m not sure where to go with it now.

    Any suggestions? Or should I dig through needles to find one to match what someone else is doing?

  • My last afghan was made up of long strips and the strips didn’t match up, although they did have the same number of rows. My “guide” told me not to sweat it and just join them as directed and it worked out fine. The strips just crunched in or stretched or whatever they needed to do and they all look the same. I don’t know, Moony if that will work here, since the row counts are different. I have only done the first block, so I will try the others and see what happens.

    To my own issues: I didn’t read the pattern carefully and made an error that totally confused me on my gauge, got that figured out, started the blocks without reading carefully AGAIN and ended up with three basic single crochet blocks instead of back loop only. DON’T TELL MY KIDS! I lecture them almost every day on reading the directions to get their homework done right! I decided to do five basic blocks and five with back loops only and it is going to be fine-but don’t tell my kids that either.

  • I decided to go with Vanna’s baby and I am glad I did. I am using a K hook. I just finished block 1 and let it rest for about 4 days. I just measured the block and it came out to 8″X8″. The texture is beautiful and the yarn is soft. I used the color LAMB. I will make block 2 and 3 and let you know what happened. I am so glad we are all on this list telling each other about our experiences with this pattern. It really helps! I tried the P hook too and liked how airy the block was but didn’t care for such a big block.

  • I have five squares done on the square I of the crochet along. I am also working on another project with it too.

  • […] Crochet-Along: Gauge, Sizing, and Hooks […]

  • I just started mine today. Had some other projects I wanted to get cleared out first. I am using a “N” hook with a large variety of worsted weight yarns. This is going to be not only a stash buster but a Christmas present for my brother as well. That means the pink yarns are only going to be a last resort. haha. With so much variety, I’ll probably take it over to my mom’s house when all the blocks are finished and have her help me lay out the color scheme. Here’s hoping it’s done by Christmas. Oh yeah, gauge is larger than the pattern states, but that’s fine since he’s a bigger guy.

  • swatch watch…

    […]Crochet-Along: Gauge, Sizing, and Hooks! | Lion Brand Notebook[…]…

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